Completed Fic of the Week: 3/21-3/27

March 22, 2011

Beyond Repair by xGreatEscapex
Review by anonymouslysufferingfromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: After Bella flees the southern wars she does not find the peaceful life she had hoped for. When the Cullens find her many years later alone and seemingly unconscious can they help her to find the peace she once sought or is she damaged beyond repair?

If you are looking for a completed Vampire story that is a decent length and isn’t cannon and will throw you for some loops then Beyond Repair is the story for you.

Bella is a vampire that lived a lot like a cannon Jasper for the first part of her vampire life. Because of her unique gift of being able to understand and manipulate any vampire’s power she was used and abused to help her “mate” gain power.

After fleeing from the Volturi and escaping the Southern wars with her creator Bree and her “mate” Lucas Bella leads a nomadic life, running into vampires that we all know and love to hate like James, Victoria and Laurent.

I won't rest Laurent. Not ever. I'll track you to the ends of the earth and back if I have to. I will find you again and when I do I will kill you slowly. I'll peel you apart, skin from flesh and flesh from bone. I will shred your body into miniscule little pieces and then wait for it to reconstruct just so that I can rip you apart again. You will die a thousand deaths before I reduce you to ashes," she told him annunciating very word slowly in a deadly tone that left no room for doubt. It was painfully clear that she meant every word she uttered.

Living in a cationic state for 36 years, under a dock in Port Angeles, vampire Bella is found by Rosalie Cullen and brought to her family’s home in Forks, WA. Bella is broken, she has been lied to, unloved and abused, her entire life, including her human life. She has a hard time trusting people and is a bit of a bitch, her bond with Rosalie is very deep as they both have lived through similar experiences, Rose when Royce and his friends attacked her and Bella when her supposed mate used her to gain things that he wanted. Bella is strong, she has been through a lot and her bitchiness is absolutely warranted and actually makes you feel more for her because of it.

After meeting the Cullen’s everything that Bella thought she knew about the vampire world comes into question and she has to learn to trust, live and love.

Edward is the Edward that we all know and love, this cationic vampire intrigues him before she even opens eyes and of course he is immediately protective over her. Bella can’t deny that she immediately feels something for him as well, but it is a long road for her to begin to open up to anyone. Rosalie takes on the roll of Best Friend and sister right from the start, it is a breath of fresh air to see the bond between them grow and how fiercely protective and caring Rosalie is over Bella. While Alice is there, she is a little hard for Bella to get used to.

She seemed content on a staring contest and that was fine with me as well. I'd lain under a dock for 36 years. I could handle a staring match with the world's only ADHD vampire. It lasted all of twenty seconds before Alice finally gave in. She huffed before shuffling out of the room and coming back seconds later with her laptop.

Edward immediately becomes a go to person for Bella as well but it takes a while for her to realize that Edward becomes more to her than that of a friend, and when he finally admits his feelings for her she doesn’t feel worthy of the love and kindness that he shows her. The scars that she carries with her both physically and mentally are very hard to overcome.

"I'm broken. Damaged to the point of complete ruin. You deserve more than a shattered little girl and that's all that I am," she murmured dejectedly.

While the story is in mostly Bella’s point of view, with Edward’s being a close second we do get to hear from others in the family as well. While traditionally I am not a big fan of hearing from anyone one other than Edward and Bella, in this story it really does give us further insight into what Bella is going through and the changes that the family sees in her. It is interesting to see how the bonds between Bella and the family form and I can say they are not all exactly how you would think that they would be.

Bella learns from the Cullen’s what true love is and what a true mate is. Esme is the one to explain to her that her mate Lucas was never really her mate, if he were he would have never treated her the way he did. Of course it is soon after this revelation that Lucas makes an unexpected return into Bella’s life and Bella is forced to protect the Cullen’s from him and has to make a decision on staying with the Cullen’s or leaving with Lucas. Will she choose to stay with him and the lifestyle she is used to or will she choose to return to the Cullen’s and struggle with the lifestyle that seems foreign to her?

While I wouldn’t classify this story as angst, its label of Hurt/Comfort/Romance is spot on, Bella has been through a lot in her long life and she has to learn how to overcome those things and to trust a new way of doing things. While it isn’t always easy the rewards are many. As I said, this is a different twist on a vamp story, it is 41 chapters long, about 160,000 words and worth it completely if you are looking forward to getting lost in a story for a little while.


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