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January 10, 2011

The Companion by SamRosey
Review by JaimeArkin and Phoebes.Promise

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Need. Want. Desire. Bella thinks the best way to fulfill these things is to become a Companion. 'A guild of professional courtesans/entertainers.' A girl with a big heart, she craves it all but she's impatient, ready to play. AH. Edward and Bella.

The existence of this incredible storytelling is truly a gift to fan fiction. As lovers of unique, rich and sensual tales… The Companion by the talented samrosey fills every desire and more.

The story opens with an explanation, a definition of sorts… Our beautiful, cultured and curious heroine, Bella Swan listens along… learning the very components of such an arrangement.

A Companion is a skilled, well-educated and well-respected member of a guild of professional courtesans/entertainers, somewhat similar to oiran. While they do frequently engage in a form of state-sanctioned prostitution, they are nonetheless treated with a great deal of respect and deference from nearly everyone, though non-guild prostitutes are generally treated in the reverse, even if they are former Guild members.

Bella’s colorful, knowing friend, Zafrina runs just such a business. Bella, desperate and longing for a connection is quite intrigued, willing and honest that this is something to try. While her first match is hopelessly unpleasant, we are graced with the likes of the mysterious Edward Cullen on Bella’s second attempt. The attraction immediate, the desire undeniable.

For Edward, the appeal to the arrangement is the distance he’s allowed, emotionally, personally. This is difficult, confusing for Bella, initially. The boundaries and rules not clearly defined. And with physical pull so intense… lines blur.

"Please don't. I don't know what I'm doing clearly. I mean I do know what I'm doing but… you know what I mean. This..." She placed her palm on the window in front of her. "It's just different. I don't know the rules."

"There are none."

"You say that but I feel like I need some. I feel as if nobody has told me the secret. And you're just there, walking into my gallery telling me exactly what you want…well I'm here."

"And what do you want?" He walked over and stood behind her, hand in her hair, he pulled it back making ways to her neck, her face so he could see. She shivered at his touch.

"I think you know."

"Tell me…"

The journey into samrosey’s sensual vision is as beautiful as it is lyrical. Her imagination is captured by phrasing unique and wonderful. Losing yourself in these gorgeous lovers fantasy world of discovery is pure reading bliss. You’ll hover in voyeuristic style as private moments, thoughts and deeds unfold around you. The story is rich and sensual and perfectly told.

A precious vulnerability lives within both Edward and Bella. Wants, needs, avoidance, denial all a heady mix as new experiences run headlong into old wounds.

"I knew that at some point this might make me feel like a whore but you, one minute you're on another level, trying to reach up to me, telling me to look in the fucking mirror giving it all something bigger than I imagined and the next you're treating me like a... like a..."

"Like someone I just want to fuck! You knew that already, didn't you?" He waits. "Didn't you? Say it!"

Her eyes darker than the night, staring emotions and fighting this. Fighting even though she knows she will regret an ending. An ending to him and being his Companion.

"Aren't I?"

"Yes, that's exactly what you are, and I for you."

His face tries to tell her this isn't something to be giddy about, dates and candy shaped hearts, someone to tell your mother about and she feels it, the look on his face, what he's saying.

Stranger man.

"Jesus, I don't want your fucking soul Edward, but I need words, despite what arrangement we may have, you don't say when and I can walk away any time I like…equals."

"Goodbye then."

Hot, carnal, sensual loving is peppered throughout, so eloquently detailed. You’ll lose yourself in the lustful pleasure unfolding. Their sex so intense and driven you forget completely the fragility of their emotional connection.

Cheek to her cheek, he inhales her scent, scent of this woman in front of him, closing his eyes. Feeling him breathing against her, smelling her, it's so sensual she feels light-headed, it's intoxicating. Lips at her ear, she thinks he's going to speak, instead he takes skin, soft and sensitive with his teeth, gentle and licks, she moans. It's unexpected and she never knew that would feel so... so fucking good, and he does it again, sucking, she grips him, the sides of him, steady.

Edward moves to her neck, skin he knows will push her, no kisses here, lips she feels then teeth. It's wet. He bites down but it doesn't hurt, it's scraping and he's moving them across her neck and it's divine. Legs tremble, weak with want. All of her, she tingles for him, she's wound and wet and ready for anything.

Realizing how hard she's digging her nails into his skin, she drops her hands and goes for the front of his jeans. Popping the top button, he pulls away. She thinks he's going to object maybe, tell her to wait but he suffocates her with his mouth, intake of breath to catch. Clumsy fingers, she pops another button. Tongue, lots of tongue, she gives and he takes, he pulls on her lips and sucks, she takes. Until she starts to push his jeans down, breaking their kiss.

She steps back a little, he drops his hand letting her hair fall, she meets his eyes and tucks her fingers under his boxers, continuing to push them both down.

She bends to meet herself and comes face to face with him, hard, full, hard and oh... She stands and he steps out of his clothes, kicking them to the side.

"Show me?"

Show you what? She doesn't know what he means.

She doesn't know and doesn't wait, she pushes up against him, taking him in her hand, between them, tight she grips him and begins to move. Slow at first, small gasps he makes.



He pulls at her dress, and pulls his bottom lip into his mouth, teeth, he bites. It's sexy and carnal. He wants to tear it off her body. He wants to feel her body against his while she makes him come.

Taking the sides of her dress in his hands he pulls it up, he doesn't take his time, she lifts her arms and it's gone, he drops the dress and puts his arms around her, his fingers trace around her shoulders, fingering the back of her bra, he unclasps it and pulls back, bringing it with him. Her arms out he pulls it down and sees her complete. Nipples, they taunt him, as he looses the bra he leans forward and kisses the top of her breast, and then the other, taking her in his hand he plays and pulls and it hurts in the strangest way. It's pleasure, she wants to cry out but doesn't.

He leaves her wanting more and steps back once again.

"Take off your panties."

Treat your senses, your mind and your soul to the beauty that is The Companion. The fresh plotline is textured with surprise, the setting explodes with delicious detail, the dialogue is so believable and vivid. Samrosey offers you phrases that dance, characters bursting with heightened emotions, primal desires weaved poetically into a sensual love story. As a work in progress, the beautiful words filling only 16 chapters… don’t hesitate.


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