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January 31, 2011

A Race Against Time by tanglingshadows
Review by Sscana

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Suspense
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: A group of trackers. One target's scent. A continent. This is the Challenge, and Edward Masen is about find out that in world ruled by vampires, there's no such thing as secrets. AU

Right from the get-go this story sucked me in, leaving me wanting more at the end of each update. This is a vampire fic like no other. What if vampires walked among us every day and everyone was aware of it. Everyone knows the vampires rule the world and that at any moment someone might just disappear and never be heard from again. Well ladies, this little fic does an amazing job of bringing us into that world.

I love how Tanglingshadows writes. She brings her characters to life and makes them seem like real people. She does such an amazing job with explaining the talents of all the vampires. She really makes you feel like you are part of her story.

Edward is not the typical mindreading vampire he always is. He's a tracker. Most vampires do not have a talent in this story but all are amazing trackers. Which you learn quickly.

Edward has been a vampire for years, just going through the motions, until he meets Bella. She's eighteen and full of life. Instantly, he falls for her and has to prove to her that he wants more than just her blood. Seriously, Edward follows her home like a little lost puppy just wanting to be near her, whatever she'll give him. Tell me you ladies wouldn't think twice about going out with such a sexy vampire. Over time, Bella thinks they have become quite the perfect little couple.

I just love this line. "She surprised me though. Bella kept me."

Edward decides that a majority of the most crucial information of his and Bella’s existence needs to be kept from her. Vampires are allowed to have mistresses and be with humans, but may not marry them and play house. But since he had known they were mates, he should have taken her to the North American Vampire who can permit one to change his or her mate once they have been through testing. The vampires don’t just allow anyone to be changed. They must have permission and should report any violation or intent to change immediately. But Edward wanted to do things his way and wait for Bella to turn twenty-four so they could be the same age. Goofy vamp.

The Volturi rule over everyone and make all the decisions, but Aro does not have a talent. He just knows how to use the vampires that do, and behaves however he wants. And what does Aro want? Well, of course, he wants the smart, charming tracker that is Edward Masen.

The Volturi hold yearly challenges with all of the talented trackers and give them a scent and have them track it. First one to bring the human who matches the scent wins.

Aro has realized Edward has no desire to mate with any of the beautiful vampires or join the Volturi. He learns of Bella and changes all of the rules to this year's Challenge. He has brought in many of the talented vampires and made the game much more appealing. Plus, has given permission for the human to be drained. Guess who the target is? Yup, you guessed it, Bella. She has no clue that her life as she knows it will change forever.

Edward must learn to trust other vampires - which we all know is not easy for him - and make allies. Plus, he has to come clean to Bella about everything he has been keeping from her, try to beat all of the other vampires to her, and get her changed before everyone else catches them.

Here's a small tidbit of Bella and the Ancients. She really knows how to handle her vamps. LOL

Vladimir rolled his eyes and sighed.” I'd rather get to know your mate, Edward." He caught Bella's eyes in the rearview mirror and said, "Bella, dear, I prefer your scent when it doesn't contain Edward so much. However, I do like the way Edward smells right now. You coat him." Bella blushed. "Edward, this might be the most appealing you've ever been."

The others laughed and I smirked. "It's certainly the best I've felt in days. You just remember whose scent she's surrounded by, Vladimir. Also, stop staring at the front of my shirt she's wearing."

Stefan mumbled, "Possessive. We can work with that."

I remembered the first time that was said around me and realized that they were trying to get me into the mindset of defending Bella.

I am already there.

"Could you please stop talking about my chest and our scents? For some reason, I believe that's kind of private." Bella turned around and stared at our allies then looked me. "I'm glad you smell like me again."

"You can speak of such things and we cannot?" Stefan quirked an eyebrow.

Bella shrugged. "It's my scent. Totally not the same thing."

She turned to face the front again, and the vampires behind me smiled. I knew she had won them over. I glanced at Bella then and too low for her to hear, I said to her, "You're amazing."

One thing I really love about this fic and her Bella is that she is thrown into the lion‘s den, and yes, she is scared, but she is also strong, loving, and knows she wants to be Edward’s mate for all of eternity more than anything. She will fight for their future as much as Possessiveward will.

One last thing I must tell you ladies about Tanglingshadow’s writing- she writes uber hot smut. I mean seriously! This little tidbit is hot and I’m just giving you ladies a taste.

I pressed my body against her and pushed her harder into the door.

"Tell me you're mine, Bella." I kissed across her jaw and sucked on her ear lobe. "Tell me that I'm the only man who does this to you."

She tugged my hair. "Yes!"

"Yes, what?" I ground my cock against her hip and her head turned to the side. I very carefully moved my teeth down her neck and she called my name before gasping, "Claim me. Make me yours, forever."

I dropped my head to her shoulder, breathing rapidly. "I will. God, I will."

Bella kissed my temple and ran her fingers down my neck, "I'm yours, Edward. I belong to you."

*fans self* And ladies we are just getting started here with the lemon. Tanglingshadows is a master at writing some UNF!!

If you just read this story for one reason, read it because the author brings to life so many amazing characters and you feel like you know them all when you are reading the story. Not only will you love Tanglingshadows' Possessiveward and Bella, but so many other characters out of the norm. I’m seriously loving Stefan and Vladimir. They are so playful, yet serious at the same time. This story is truly a hidden gem, and I hope many of you ladies will give this story and Tanglingshadows a chance. It won't let you down, and it will give me people to chat with on Friday afternoon when I'm dying for the next chapter to update. Did you catch that, ladies? The author updates every Friday and has written many chapters in advance, so we always get our updates. Is that not true love for her readers or what?


  1. Anonymous said...:

    An excellent review for a Most Excellent story. You have hit spot on all that I love about the story,well done to you and Well Done tanglingshadows:)<- Love ya bb!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Thanks especially for all the detail and well chosen excerpts. So many reviews just praise in generalities and I can't get a clear idea of what the story is about or why it is special. Your review was specific and clear. Thanks!!

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