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February 01, 2011

Truth, Lies and Alibis by eternally addicted
Review by Les16

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: FBI psychologist Bella Swan is being stalked by one of criminals she helped put behind bars. Forced to leave her home and lay low for a while, she meets the most gorgeous man she has ever seen. Is he who he says he is, or is he working for the stalker?

If you are looking for a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the word go, eternally addicted's Truth, Lies and Alibis is exactly what you need. It starts off with a bang, as Bella has to take an immediate and very necessary leave of absence from her job as an FBI psychologist/profiler and head to the island of Capri off the coast of Italy to get away from a very dangerous criminal she's just helped put behind bars. You see, our feisty and sassy Agent Swan has a very unique gift...she's an empath. She can read emotions and even more than that, can tell when a suspect is lying...a very handy gift for one who is an FBI agent, huh?

James Reynolds, the serial rapist/murderer becomes obsessed with our FBIella and has figured out a way to threaten her and even send her messages from behind bars. In order to remain out of his clutches, her boss, Emmett, thinks it's best if she go away for awhile.

"Damn it, Isabella, I'll suspend you if you don't willingly take a leave of absence," Special Agent McCarty snarled at me. I snorted and smiled at his attempt to threaten me by using my full name.

In order to get away and yet still remain close to family, Bella decides a visit to her Nana in Italy is in order. She arrives in Capri and immediately is bombarded with all the available men her well-meaning Nana has tried to set her up with. After a few weeks of dating torture, Bella convinces her Nana to let her be and decides to take a walk along the beach. Of course it's on this beach we get our first glimpse of Edward Cullen. When Bella encounters Edward, the very first thing she notices is...her gift doesn't work on him...at all. She can read nothing from him, so for the first time in her life, she must rely on her instincts and not her gift.

I hated where my thoughts were now taking me. Was our meeting just a coincidence after all? The first night probably was, but he had known where to find me after that. And interestingly enough he seemed to appear at just the right moment when I'd be outside to see him on the beach. Nana had written his appearance off as a deduction of the obvious, that her house was the only other location from which I could have come from. But was that really the case? Could he have already known where I'd be?

Right away, Bella and the readers are plagued with the thought, is he a good guy or was he sent by James? We have no way of knowing right away, and even when we find out why Edward just happens to be there, there are enough questions and coincidences to keep everyone guessing.

As Bella and Edward grow closer, both falling hard and fast, a surprise and very unexpected delivery arrives for Bella from James, sending Bella into a tailspin. She's convinced herself that Edward is not who he says he is, and rushes back to Seattle, Edward and Nana in tow. She is in even more danger when she returns, and after some convincing, is put under protection...again...much to Bella's extreme displeasure.

You told me to look at you all I want. It doesn't bother you?"

"No. It lets me know you're still interested. And, Bella, as long as I know you're still interested, I know there's still hope that things will work out between us."

"Oh," I whispered not knowing what else to say.

We remained silent the rest of the way to the federal building. He parked his mustang in my assigned spot and then escorted me up to the series of offices where the bureau was located. He then gently squeezed my hand and said he'd see me around five. I nodded and headed towards my office.

I heard someone behind me and glancing over my shoulder saw Jessica coming up behind me.

"Who's the hot stud, Swan?"

As the story progresses, it's discovered that James Reynolds has an accomplice, and it's one that comes from the very FBI office Bella works out of. The list of suspects is long...it could be anyone from Jessica...the supposed lesbian who has an unnatural interest in Bella's personal life, Jake who has had his advances rejected time and time again by Bella, even Seth and Tyler, both fellow agents...or Sam, the IT/tech gear guy. No one knows and everyone is a suspect.

In the midst of a dangerous game of cat and mouse, of intrigue and suspicion, Bella's personal life takes a turn she never expected. Caught up in a whirlwind romance, she must do all she can to figure out whom she can and can’t trust. Our villain, James has made it perfectly clear he'll stop at nothing until he has Bella for his own and Bella has to figure out how to stop him, before he hurts someone she loves.

"We both know what you are to me, my darling. And one day, one day very soon, we will be together just like we were meant to be."

I'd had enough of Reynolds' arrogant bullshit. His last statement not only creeped me out, but it reminded me I needed to move this visit along. It was wearing on me and I couldn't imagine it was easy on Edward to be watching either. "Who is helping you, James?"

"No one of importance. Just admit that I fascinate you and that you want to be with me and I can quit having others do my bidding for me. You can help me. You understand me like the others didn't. You make me tell the truth. I need you to save me."’

Eternally addicted has woven a tale of mystery and suspense with plenty of drama and romance thrown in for good measure. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to figure out who is helping James and what his ultimate goal is. If you like your stories to have a sassy, fierce Bella...and let’s face it, who doesn't...then Truth, Lies and Alibis is for you. If you like your stories to keep you engaged and scrolling through, hoping you're not at the end yet because you've been so engrossed in masterful storytelling, then Truth, Lies and Alibis is for you. If you want to get sucked into a world of intrigue and romance...then Truth, Lies and Alibis is definitely for you.

"What, are you doubting what I'm telling you, Princess?"

"I'm not your fucking princess and yeah actually I do.’

This is an amazing piece of work by eternally addicted and is full of characters that are complex and wonderfully developed. You’ll find yourself engaged and wanting to more, you’ll find yourself getting lost in the details and vivid imagery, you’ll find yourself rooting for Bella and the rest of her team as they do whatever they can to figure out how to stop James and his accomplice...whoever he or she is.
Read it...now...I promise you won't be sorry!


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