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February 14, 2011

Sexy Silk by jlho
Review by JaimeArkin

Rating: M
Genre: Humor/Romance
Characters: Edward/ Bella

Summary: Bella is a smart mouthed,celebrity hating P.A. to a Hollywood Stylist. Edward is an arrogant Hollywood playboy. What happens when their paths cross on the night of the Globes? Rated M for swears and lemons.

I’ll be honest… I discovered this sexy story completely by accident. And I’m deliciously thrilled that I did. The beauty of Sexy Silk by the lovely and talented jlho lies in the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. I know it’s not always popular to admit that angst and sorrow aren’t always what I crave, but that I also appreciate a fic that makes me smile and giggle, and well that’s just down right hot.

Told mostly from Bella’s point of view, we experience her life as a PA for a Hollywood stylist who just happens to dress the fabulously famous Edward Cullen. Did I mention she really despises typical Hollywood personas?

He was the epitome of sex. The trademark copper hair tousled and damp, fell into his fierce green eyesand distinguished jawline held the tiniest bit of stubble. His body completely tight and toned. A well sculpted chest and arms mocked me from the next story.

Please don't let me be drooling.

"Bella! Nice to see you again. How are you beautiful? It's been too long," He remarked, walking to the bottom landing to join me.

Not long enough apparently.

"Entirely, too long." I replied, trying to focus on his reputation rather than his billboard body.

I was sure I was starring; I was just hoping my mouth was closed.

The lemonade in this story is succulent and wonderful. Jlho dives right in as we get a little treat in chapter one...

"You're going to be the death of me Bella," he said huskily into my neck while kissing down it.

His kisses became more urgent as he backed me up against the wall. His body pressed against mine his cock at full attention straining the fine fabric of the custom suit, hitting me just above where I really wanted it. Our hands were everywhere, in a frantic tangled mess and our breathing increased.

He started grinding into me. My girl parts were cheering like they had finally gotten rain after a year long drought. I returned the motions, trying to ignore that my vag could have passed for a slip n slide for his dick.

His eyes closed tightly and his movement stilled.

"Why'd you stop?"

"Because, I want to bury my cock inside you and pound the fuck out of you until you can't think straight."

"Oh," This was worth stopping? He closed his eyes and pinched them shut.

"You have to tell me," he demanded, reopening his eyes, "if this is what you want."

He looked really vulnerable suddenly, his green eyes fluctuating between desire and uncertainty. Why? Did he think I was going to say no?

"I want you, Edward," I whispered. My hoo-ha more like pleaded.

His mouth attacked mine again and my dress flew up over my head and onto the floor, and my doused panties joined it. I kicked off my shoes and I could hear a belt clacking and a zipper go down while I continued to kiss him.

I looked down, not wanting to miss a glimpse of the reported undefeated champion of peens. The rumor didn't do that huge slice of heaven justice.

"See something you like?" he smirked, echoing his question from earlier.

"Hell yes!" I blurted out, unable to stop my face from flushing more.

In seconds I was back against the wall with my legs wrapped around his waist and he was pushing his way inside me.

Indulge your inner movie star fantasy with this delightfully naughty, humorous and well written hidden gem by Jlho. At only six chapters, you’ll definitely *ahem* be begging for more.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    So excited to see Sexy Silk rec'd here!! If you haven't discovered jlho yet you need to!! She is such a talented writer! Sexy Silk is funny and hot and just plain fun to read! Her other fic, Evening Rain is also an amazing read - totally unique plotline. =)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Woahhh i love this story!
    So sexy and i laughing to pita, tulip and slugger...bwahahahahahaha!

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