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February 03, 2011

Comfort & Joy by The Mystic Giraffe

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward/Rosalie

Summary: 12 days that can make or break a relationship. 12 days that can lead to hope or despair. Which path will Rosalie and Edward choose? Written for the 12 days of Christmas writing challenge

When Evilgiraffe82 and Domysticated wrote ‘Comfort and Joy’ under their penname TheMysticGiraffe, they took a few essential characteristics and ventured into the most taboo pairing in the world of Twilight.


When I first started reading fanfiction this Rose/Edward pairing were (and continues to be) a major no-no but as time went by, I’ve read other stories where people have openly adored Bella/Jasper & Slash fics. As of late Emmett/Bella is more acceptable.

But what is the reasoning why people simply can’t get over the pairing of Rose and Edward? I can understand if it was Alice and Emmett, I shudder at the thought. The beauty of fanfiction is to allow your imagination to fly with your favorite character from your favorite book.

If we were to follow Twilight (the bible), even Carlisle saw them together but for some reason we simply can’t wrap our minds around this thought, nor do we want to visualize. As a writer, I’ve been intrigued by Rose, but not with Emmett and I started to search for others who wanted to think outside the usual box and found ‘Comfort and Joy’.

Rose is the typical Class A bitch but you quickly discover it’s a complete front to hide her inner demons and insecurities. Rose wholeheartedly loves Edward but is so afraid to let him in that she begins to push him away.

Throughout the story, we get glimpses of what happens in her relationship with Emmett.

He took my most secret, darkest insecurity—extracted, in a moment of weakness, with a heavy hand and a murky intent—and threw it back at me, coated in poison and deceit. It landed like a cluster bomb into my heart; the debris is still buried deep, threatening to detonate again and destroy me.

Edward is undoubtedly head-over-heels in love with Rose; at times he’s a goofy romantic who blindly only sees her beauty and he has a purpose to make this the best Christmas for he and Rose. At times, it seems Edward is completely oblivious to the elephant in the room and you realize he’s more than aware of the pain but unsure how to broach the subject.

But that’s when you realize their biggest problem…..Communication.

What I love about this story is that they don’t lay it out for you and then tidy it up with a pretty little bow. I love the fact that C&J demands your imagination but I also hate the fact that you WANT MORE! Only twelve chapter and to this day I want more and at times re-read a certain chapter (*cough cough*) and still cry.

I think Evilgiraffe82 and Domysticated did an excellent job on this collaboration and officially kicked off my Roseward love. I hope more writers will take chances and think outside the box.

I look forward to the day when Roseward is truly accepted.

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  1. Daniella said...:

    Thanks so much for this review. I absolutely love Roseward stories and I wish more readers would take an interest in it. While I love E/B stories, it's nice to venture into something different.

    E/R is ofent explosive and unpredicatable and if you like angst, as I do, these characters' personalities often lend themselves to that.

    It's hard to find a good Roseward story; hell, it's hard to find any! They're few and far between and incredibly underappreciated. Thanks for finding and recc'ing this! I can't wait to read it!

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