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February 28, 2011

Addicted by lizzylillyrose
Review by ImwithPattz

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Her life was uneventful until she met a stunning, mysterious, obsessive man with a monstrous hidden past. What happens when the past catches up with him and throws them both into the unknown. Rated M

Addicted was originally called Touch of Sin by TwilightHore. She felt she couldn’t give the story enough attention and LizzyLillyRose took it over. We are very glad she did because the story is incredible and has all the makings of epic-ness.

What I immediately noticed about Addicted is that there is a haunting feel to the story. It takes place in Edinburgh which is described as gray and rainy. The descriptions are what pull you in. LLR does a great job with describing the scenery. In the opening chapter, Bella is out with Jasper and Alice and then Rosalie and Emmett. You get the feeling she is a bit of an outcast but it is a mystery as to whether she actually is or whether it is a matter of low self-esteem on her part.

I tried to distract myself with my thoughts, but I still felt the nagging voice in my head that I was lonely. No one wanted to be with me, not in the way Alice was with Jasper, or in the way Rosalie was with Emmett. No one wanted to date me seriously; the guys who dated me were either on a bet or seriously perverted.

I was the queen of good choices, ruled by niceness and doing the right thing. Good choices meant asking that weird, solitary Patty Hutchins to your birthday party even when you didn't want to. Good choices meant getting your homework in on time. Good choices meant sharing your locker with someone who played the clarinet instead of someone who drank their parents' Scotch. It meant liking math because it made sense, and liking your family even when they didn't make sense. It meant driving carefully and knowing you'd go to college. It meant taking careful steps and being doomed to be someone no one really remembered at your high school reunion. 

Again, the author is extremely descriptive and what I like is that the characters are well developed in the very first chapter. We get a sense from the above paragraph that Bella is much more complicated than she lets on.
Bella meets Edward in a bookstore after wandering off after the movie with the two other couples. Her first impression of him is once again, extremely descriptive, and the reader feels like they are standing in the bookstore with her picturing him through her eyes.

Something bronze coloured came into my view from in between the shelves. It was hair, I realised, beautifully mussed and dishevelled hair. The hair belonged to a male, that much was obvious, but his back was facing me. I shuffled a few steps along the narrow row of shelving so that I could get a better look. He was wearing a short sleeved t- shirt and snug fitting black jeans. 

My eyebrows shot up as I noticed the muscles even from here, rippling along his back and his arms. Not overdone, but lithe, agile. I felt the need to run my hands up and down his arms, to see if he was real.

Stop it Bella!

I wanted him to turn around.

It was as if he heard my thoughts as he slowly turned in my direction. I gasped and grabbed a book from the shelf I was standing at.

He started to head over to where I was standing, but I could see that he wasn't looking at me. I studied him as much as I dared. I noticed he had strong, manly features; he had such a sharp jaw that I found myself wanting to kiss the edge of. He had beautiful, wide honey-gold eyes that sported a quizzical and grim look, a smooth forehead and straight nose, full lips and perfect eyebrows. He was also incredibly pale, I noted, but he was so gorgeous that it practically knocked the breath out of me.

As he got closer, I also got a better look at his body, which not-so-secretly pleased me. Power radiated from his rippling lithe body. Not the type of muscles that screamed "I live at the gym everyone!", but subtle and very sexy. Ah, washboard abs. He was tall, lean, and handsome.

Everything I want in a man.

His dark expression and brooding eyes made him look mysterious, and incredibly sexy. Not only was he completely gorgeous, but he looked beautifully dangerous.

Edward ends up giving Bella a ride home from the bookstore after mysteriously finding her walking home in the rain. What ensues is one of the hottest lemons in all of Fanfiction.

When Bella wakes up the next morning, Edward is gone and in turn, strange occurrences begin.

I headed straight for the bathroom, discarding my gloves, coat, and both scarves as I walked through my hall. 

The flat smelt nice, was it him I could still smell?

I pushed open my bathroom door and screeched out loud as I took in the sight of my bathroom, grabbing the door frame for support. The bath was full of water that was gently steaming, a beautiful scent of vanilla wafting around the warm room. A towel was laid across the radiator ready for when I'd had my bath.

What the hell? Who?

I frowned and shook my head. What the hell was going on? I looked around, wondering if whoever had run this bath for me was still in my flat. I suddenly felt on edge; how had someone gotten in here? No-one apart from Alice had a key and that was only for in emergencies; she'd never used it. And she had been with me practically the entire time I'd been out.

This is not a story for the faint of heart.

I am not going to post spoilers but surprises abound in every chapter and LizzyLillyRose keeps the reader on their toes. There is not a boring moment in all 9 chapters posted. I will say though that the story does get graphic. One of the more interesting characters is Carlisle, who is Bella’s Boss in Addicted, and also Edward’s father, though their relationship is strained at best.

Addicted begins as what the reader thinks is your typical FanFiction. Edward and Bella meet, fall in love etc. This story is so far from that description. Edward remains mysterious and this Bella is much more complex than the author lets on in the first chapter.

Without spoiling anything for the future reader, this is an amazing story. Expect the Unexpected!


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