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February 02, 2011

"Boy next door..." by Taintedvile
Review by TeamBella23

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Tragedy
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward Masen is the boy living next door... Bella has various names for Edward these days; but she no longer calls him friend. Depressed, angst filled teens; trying to cope without the love of a friend. Disclaimer - I own nothing Twilight.

I often find myself frustrated with this fandom; call me finicky, but I'm impossibly peculiar when it comes to the fan fiction I read. I may bring this up every once and a while -understatement- but I find it very difficult to find a story with the ability to keep my interest. It’s completely ridiculous, and I curse myself because there is so much to choose from. Name a plot and I'm sure it’s been done. It may even be done well, but I'm picky with writing styles and character personalities. I'm willing to give any fic a chance, but usually know within the first couple of sentences if I'm interested or not.

I'm not a grammar Nazi, I don't insist on a 'happily ever after' and I'm pretty much down for anything. I love angst, and comedy. Nothing is too taboo for me, but I'm not a huge fan of fluff. Disjointed is my favorite and I actually like waiting for new updates. Cliff hangers make my heart beat fast and I love the suspense.

You're probably asking yourself, what the fuck is the point in all of this? 
The point is, like I said before, I'm often left extremely frustrated because it’s hard to find stories that meet my standards.

Now you're probably thinking: Well, that's your fucking problem.

Sadly, it is my fucking problem but it is also your gain.
I would imagine that having sex with Robert Pattinson would feel pretty fucking fantastic. Right? Right? Right? Yes. Do you know what else feels pretty fucking fantastic? Well, to me anyways. Finding a fic that I actually love.

Yeah, I just compared fic finding to sex with Rob.

I'm only reading a handful of fics at the moment. A few off the top of my head are: Love is the End, Drift, Slippin Trippin Stumbletumblin, Seventeen Men, Uncomfortable White Swan Lodge, On Grey Mornings… but I'm not writing this review for any of those.

There is one fic that I hold exceptionally close to my heart. It's a story I found the old fashion way, through the search box, and one that I have already written a review for previously.

I love it so much I decided to write about it again.
It's a gem, with only a little over two-hundred reviews and over twenty chapters long. "Boy next door…" is beautiful executed and wonderfully perfect. The author, Taintedvile, has become a friend of mine and can be found on Twitter (Taintedvile) I often bother her for updates and scream in her face like a fan girl whenever she logs on.

Finding "Boy next door…" was as good as I would imagine sex would be with Rob. I read through all of her chapters in a single sitting and pouted because she didn't even have one-hundred reviews.

Fiction gold, literally.

Think Wide Awake meets Revelry, mixed with a little Stampede of a Thousand Pulses, with a dash of Swirl and Daisy and you have "Boy next door…"

Official Summary: Edward Masen is the boy living next door… Bella has various names for Edward these days; but she no longer calls him friend. Depressed, angst filled teens; trying to cope without the love of a friend.

My Quick Summary: Edward and Bella, friends and next door neighbors since diapers, lose each other after they each lose a parent to death. They should be leaning on the other for support, but instead of falling back on their greatest friendship, they drift away. Bella becoming a recluse, hidden behind her hair and made a mockery of. Edward turns to drugs and alcohol. Making the wrong decisions and using rebellion as a means to cope.

Little do they know that as the years pass neither one of them completely lost faith in their bond. Stealing small looks at school, spying through bedroom curtains… nightmares and wishes.

Can a damaged friendship be repaired? Can that friendship become more? Will they kill each other in the process? Can the past ever be left to the past? Will love conquer when they are so broken?

"Boy next door…" captures your heart and leaves you at the author’s mercy. You will cry and you will scream. You will beg for updates, and continue to think about her characters hours after you've read the latest chapter. If you're anything like me, as you read, you will cringe, swoon, throw your laptop, pick it back up and hold it close to your heart.

Her use of music is magical, and her words are hypnotizing. Sadly underrated, I plead that you give "Boy next door…" a chance because it is literally 'Indie fan fic' personified. One of the best fics I have ever read, it’s an honor to be able to spread the word. Show her some love and appreciation.
You won’t be sorry.

Chapter 2


"Bella, why can’t we be friends?" Edward blurted, almost shouting. I didn't even know what to say; I was so fucking confused…"Stupid shiny Volvo owner, really?" hearing him say it; I couldn't help but laugh. 

"You want a hug?" My laughter faded. I realized how easy it was to let myself fall into old times with Edward; forgetting how harsh the sting of reality was. 

"I do…" Edward laughed softly. We'd often tease each other and play hug, only to push the other away. Just this time nobody was pushing…

Edward's warm embrace enveloped me; swallowing my tiny frame in his arms. A warm hug that melted the tension raging inside; except for the awkwardness of the moment. We hugged for what seemed like awhile before a mutual break occurred. We both slowly pulled away. I expected Edward to say something, make a joke…

I certainly didn't expect his mouth to come crashing onto mine. Confused, I fought against the tug of his anxiously roaming lips as he raised his hands to cup my face… 

I'm kissing Edward…. Kissing, as in a really fucking…it wasn't a peck from a lanky awkward…boy. 

"Edward..." I breathed; gasping as his lips traveled across my jaw, on a mission toward my neck as we landed against the door. 


Chapter 24


"Edward reminds me to breathe when I'm not of any use to myself." That's hits Charlie harder than I anticipate, but it’s not as is there weren't warnings. Signs that Edward has been my rock. 

"I've spent more than half of my life with him. Don't try to tell me that I don't know him or that I'm young and naive. That there's someone better. Nobody else can measure up to a decade worth of memories, most of them beautiful…" Nobody. 

"I blame your mother, I warned…." Charlie starts, then quickly closes his mouth. Listen…

"You still love mom and I love her too, buts she's dead…." 

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