Brand New Fic of the Week: 2/21-2/27

February 23, 2011
Coincidental Major by m7707
Review by anonymouslysufferingfromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: A tale about a hockey-playing boy who loves his girl. This is Edward's story from Major Misconduct.

Coincidental Major is a companion piece to Major Misconduct. You don’t have to read Major Misconduct to read it, but since Major Misconduct has over 4K reviews I am guessing a lot of you already have.

If you have read Major Misconduct you know that it is in all BPOV, we are lucky to get Coincidental Major from all Edward all of the time.

This is a well written, high school drama, with a hockey playing Edward and a quiet Bella.
Edward has been crushing on Bella since he, literally, ran into her in the hallway halfway through sophomore year. Every time he sees her though she turns and runs the other way. Is this because she thinks he is a jerk or for some other reason?

The story starts off at the beginning of their junior year; Jasper, Edward’s best friend since he was six, has recently begun dating Alice, who just happens to be Bella’s best friend. Edward walks into Biology to find the only empty seat in the room next to none other than his beautiful Bella.

Now that school has thrown them together and their best friends are dating the door has opened for the two of them to get to know one another a bit better.

Will Edward be able to get over his shyness and finally talk to Bella? How does Bella really feel about him and will Alice and Jasper have any influence on their relationship? Or will Edward continue to suffer in silence while the girl of his dreams sits next to him every day?

We will watch through Edward’s eyes as their relationship grows and find out what was going on with him when he wasn’t with Bella.

"Me?" I looked at him in surprise. "What did I do? He was talking about our girls."

Jasper advanced on me, blood in his eye. "My girl. He was talking about my girl and her friend. I get to smack the shit out of him, not you. She's not your girl. Is she?"

I stared at him, and my mouth opened and closed a couple of times. Fucker.

"Fucker," I said, and he gloated, nodding his head in smug satisfaction and poking me in the chest. I scowled, and my shoulders slumped.

I loved the story Major Misconduct and I am looking forward to hearing it from Edward’s POV.
I also must say that as a mom of a high-school hockey player it is nice to see that the terms that are used that are hockey related are accurate. The author, m7707, really knows what she is talking about.

If you have read Major Misconduct I recommend reading Coincidental Major as well, it is your opportunity to get into Edward’s head and see what he was thinking during all of the pivotal moments that happened over the course of the story. If you haven’t read Major Misconduct yet, like I said you don’t have to in order to read Coincidental Major but I would highly recommend you read both. MM is complete so you won’t have to wait to know what happens and you will get to know everything from Edward’s POV too!


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