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February 10, 2011

Of Swans and Silence by Edward'sChipper
Review by LadyTazz

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Mystery
Characters: Bella

Summary: To most, Bella Swan is the image of the quintessential businesswoman. But buried deep behind a thick skin and designer clothes, she hides secrets both inside and outside the office. Until she loses a promotion, and gets a new boss. Re-edit.

This started off as a one shot for the Darkella's Darkest Temptation Contest. I was a judge in said contest, and I fell deeply in love, okay maybe lust, with this storyline. I was so over-the-moon-happy when the author decided to continue it. When I say I will drop everything for this when it updates is an understatement.

I fell in love with the writing of this author when I started to read her other story, Second Chances. It's a Charlie Swan story, that's both beautiful and heartbreaking at times. Yes, Chief Swan is hot.

So, anywho, I got distracted, sorry. Back to Of Swans and Silence. I'm a Jasper girl at heart, but I'm very Team Bella! This dark, dominant, and power hungry Bella, has it all, or does she? She thinks that she is in complete control of her life. Is she? When she is passed over for a promotion that she feels should’ve been hers and then meeting her 'new' boss, Edward Cullen, who makes her blood boil for many reasons that she can't completely point out. Bella's life starts to spiral out of control. During the fall out, will her deepest secret be revealed? Will she let her guard down and let someone get close to her? Will she give up control, as she fights her feelings and desires?

Here are some of the thoughts Bella has about Edward during the first chapter.

Edward.” He corrected, still shaking, and I felt an electricity shoot my arm, as my eyes roamed what I could only describe as superbly coiffed bed hair. Strands haphazardly but purposely strewn about like a contradiction, an enigma, and for a moment, I pictured my fingertips running through it. The control I had spent years learning, fostering, mastering seemed to want to go “poof!” into thin air. There was something about this man standing in front of me. It wasn’t the fact that he had stolen the job that I wanted out from under me, there was something about him, something that spoke to me in ways I didn’t want to be spoken to. I didn’t like the way his green eyes seared through my soul, which is exactly what they were doing.
Edward Cullen. I smiled again. There was something about him, something I couldn’t peg, but whatever it was, it made my already-wet, thin-strip of a thong get even wetter. Need was too weak a word. I wanted to own him. Body and soul.

I always got what I wanted.

From chapter 1 and 2

Last night, when the unbelievable news hit my Blackberry, I was sprawled out on my couch at home. After reading it over and over while downing vodka martinis, it finally sunk in. I muttered “Fuck!” in more decibels and inflections than were heard in Soldier Field during a Bears game. Working through the rage that burned within me was routine, but the disbelief that I had not received the promotion was a foreign experience for me.

It wasn’t possible. I had not been promoted to VP of Editorial. Some cocksucker, international guru, digital god from a rival company, had been hired. I only knew him by name and never met him, but his credentials were…worthy. Although admitting it made me want to spit fire.

I always got what I wanted.


Disappointment and defeat weren’t in my vocabulary.

I draped my suit jacket on the hanger behind my door, knowing full well the Michael Kors slubbed jersey-knit tank I was wearing was sexier than hell; Jasper would come crawling to me as soon as he got whiff or word of my cleavage.

Jasper Whitlock was VP of Accounting for my division, and my own little whipping post. He liked it hard, rough, usually for lunch, and I had him wrapped around his own dick. A pumping room for lactating mothers on the second floor should have been renamed the fornication, or fuck room. For some reason, our company was severely lacking these days in new mothers, and I took it upon myself to make sure the room didn’t go to waste. It had a lock, a nice lounge chair, and was completely out of the way. Enough so that if Jasper got too loud, which I made a point of making him, no one would hear.
As you can see, she is tough and she always gets what she wants. There are many twist and turns in story,that will leave your reeling. Oh,and the lemons are amazing and very smutty, and there are many ,with many different people!!

Here is a peek at the amazing smuttiness that EdwardsChipper graces us with!

“Be careful, my pet. Someone might walk by…” I whispered up near his face, my lips teasingly not touching his. But his fingers suddenly squeezed my clit, and I felt the tightening of my muscles. Now it was game time, and I had to concentrate if I wasn’t going to make a sound. But oh, I wanted to fuckin’ come and come hard after last night’s news. I knew he would get me there…he always did.

Being a southern gentleman, he kept pounding me until he felt me start to clench around him. Grinding my teeth and holding my breath, I felt triumphant in not making a sound once again. My head went back against the wall as my insides squeezed around his perfect dick. With one last thrust, he spilled himself inside of me, falling into me and pushing me into the wall, his head resting on my shoulder.
"You can speak now. You can touch me. You're free to do what you want with me. I'm yours." No sooner had I spoken the words, the fingers of his right hand came up hesitantly to unlace my corset, his initial pull agonizingly slow, teasing me,. His head fell back on the bed, and I could only presume he was gazing at me, until both hands came up to rip at the lacing that held my corset together, tearing it from my body. His hands came up to squeeze both of my tits, his initial touch sending shots of electricity down between my legs. His fingers came down to the edge of my thong, pulling at it, the snaps holding it closed on both sides no match for his insistence. I felt the fire burn between my legs, as his hand reached towards me, his long fingers finding my clit, sliding back and forth.

"Mmm. You can say anything, now." I softly said, giving him permission again, but he just shook his head, as his torso rose up, and he brought his mouth slowly, too slowly, to mine. My hands went up around his neck pulling him to me. My tongue plunged against his, both of them fighting for dominance, as I felt his finger slide again over my clit to my entrance, sliding two in and out in rhythm with his tongue.

"Fuck the fingers. I want you inside me. Now." I commanded, breaking the kiss. He stretched his long arm for the condom that was on the bedside table, ripping open the package and taking it out.

"Wait. Give it to me." I said, taking it from his hand. I slid my body back, letting his dick run over my wet heat, and I expertly rolled it on, careful of the still red spike marks, but my touch just seem to excite him more.

The anticipation of his cock inside me was too much, and I grabbed his dick in my hand and moved to hover over him as he lay back down. My gaze on the eye holes of his mask, I felt a strange connection to him penetrating the mirrored-barrier that kept his identity from me. I lowered my body until I felt his tip just inside me, and then let my body fall slowly taking him all in, watching as he took a quick breath through clenched teeth. He was so thick and long, the sensation of my insides wrapping around him was enough to make me let out a breathy sigh. 

~* And that's just in the first 2 chapters*~

Now, that I have your complete attention, yes, this story does have amazing lemons, and many of them. However, it also has an amazing storyline, that incorporates, love, betrayal, power, lust (lots of lust), trust, and fighting for what’s yours. Oh, not mention trying to stay alive as someone is trying to kill you.

So trust me, and take this incredible journey that is Bella Swans life. Be prepared for an emotional ride, and just a suggestion keep. some sham wow handy when reading this sizzling story. Winks


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