Writer Submitted Fic: 1/17-1/23

January 20, 2011

Visions of Our Destiny by ForksPixie
Review by Agrutle

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Jasper/Bella

Summary: Jasper has been waiting 60 years for Alice's vision of his vampire soul-mate. What happens when she knocks on the Cullen door escorted by the Volturi Guard. Vamp Story /AU

We first meet Bella when she is packing to leave for her semester of school in Italy. We learn that Bella never moved to Forks because Charlie was killed in a robbery. Instead she moves to Florida with Renee and Phil where she finishes high school and goes to college in Miami. Once in Italy, Bella decides to go explore and meets someone that will change her life forever.

She walked up to me, breathed me in and said, "You smell lovely."

I hadn't noticed her walk up to me. I didn't hear her footsteps. She was pale with purple eyes. I pulled slightly away from her and raised my eyebrows at her. What a strange thing to say to someone. "Thank you. I guess," I said.

"Please excuse my forwardness," she apologized with a smile that dazzled. "My name is Heidi. From your accent I assume you are American. I too am American and miss the aromas of home."

"Oh…sorry for my reaction," I said with a chuckle. "It just sounded like you wanted to eat me."

The Major has been waiting for his beauty for 60 years. Alice told him that he had a perfect mate and he just had to be patient. Her visions of his mate had always been obscure, then all of the sudden she could see her perfectly.

Emmett was already opening the doors to the back-porch before Edward had even finished his response. We all stood to follow him when Alice cried out, "NO!" Edward was immediately at her side. The horrors of Alice's vision clear on his face.

"What is it?" I asked, hoping that we had time to prepare for whatever was coming.

"She's alone. She's changing all alone," Alice whispered, still lost in her vision.

"Who? Who is changing?" I could not help the growl in my voice as I asked for more information.

Alice turned to look at me, her eyes filled with the venomous tears she could never release. "Your mate."

Once Bella awakens from her change, she meets with the brothers Aro, Caius, and Marcus. Instantly they can see that Bella is different, special even. She shows that she has no desire to feed the way the Volturi do. Realizing that he cannot train her, Aro decides to call his old friend, Carlisle, to see if his coven would be willing to take Bella under their wings. The connection between Bella and Jasper is immediate. Watching them interact and show their love to each other is beautiful and you can see that they are truly complete with each other. This is a story that is different than I have ever read before and I am waiting to read more.

"Alice is a seer. She sees visions of the future," he smiled, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. "She saw my future and in it she saw my mate."

My stomach sank. I started to feel panicked by his words; he had a mate and I was already so far gone in my feelings for him that my dead heart ached. It felt as though my chest was being ripped in two. I couldn't sit there any longer. I needed to get away. I had misinterpreted our connection and felt embarrassed by my actions. I acted like a love-sick girl and had begun to fall for him without knowing his true feelings.

I quickly rose to my feet and began to walk away. "I-I'm sorry… I should have known," I stuttered, not knowing what the right words were at the moment. "I'm going to find my way back to the house. Please excuse me."

In an instant he was standing before me. "You didn't let me finish, sweetheart," he said as he placed his fingers under my chin, lifting my face to look at him, his eyes pleading with me to hear him out. "She saw my mate… she saw you.”

The author makes you feel the love that these two have for each other. Each shares their heartbreaking stories and you can feel their pain. This is the author’s first multi-chapter story and I’m sure with her talent it will not be her last. Go check it out!!


  1. CharliDenae said...:

    I always love Jasper, but I am a Jalice girl at heart... I can't help it! They are just perfect together!!

    I have read a few Bellsper stories that were great, and this sounds like a really good one, too!! I'll have to check it out!!

    Charli ox

  1. ForksPixie said...:

    I am completely floored by this review. You mad me look really good! Thank you so very much. I can not tell how happy I am that you like it so far.


  1. Cullen Sister said...:

    I am strictly a canon couple girl, but for the first time I am smitten with Jasper. This is one very lovely story so far. I can't wait for more!

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