Writer Submitted Fic: 1/24-1/30

January 29, 2011

Personality by angelanharvey3
Review by Dragonfly336

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella starts to display odd behavior her first wkend back in Forks since the trip to Italy. What will happen when the Cullens learn of her fractured mind? There's not just one Bella for Edward to worry about now. There's three. *DARK THEMES/SPANKS*

When I saw the summary of this story, I thought how intriguing it sounded. And I definitely was not disappointed. Personality begins three days after the gang returns from Italy. Edward is concerned for Bella’s health and Bella has some deep-seated abandonment issues. She is so worried that Edward is going to leave her again that she even sleeps with him in a way that he wouldn’t be able to escape.

Bella straddled my hips and then laid down on my chest, her head fitting snugly under my chin. This was a new position for us, and it is still somewhat awkward for me. Just the act of her straddling me gets me aroused and that is really not appropriate right now. It's just that, in our new sleeping position, her delicious heat is just right there and it's enough to drive me mad with lust for her warm, fragile body. I have to block out those thoughts immediately, and reign in my control. Bella doesn't need me rejecting her need to sleep on top of me because I can't control my urges. It is not fair to her and it's my own damn fault she sleeps like this now, anyway.

They return to school the next day and things get interesting in Biology when Bella lashes out at Mike Newton which is completely uncharacteristic of her. Edward actually is enjoying this feisty new Bella, until Alice busts in telling him there is something wrong with her.

And there is undeniably something wrong with her. It turns out that when Bella was a little girl she had an ‘imaginary friend’ that wasn’t that imaginary. She went to therapy to cure her of her split personality and had been fine ever since. That is until Edward took it upon himself to leave. Her other personality comes back with a vengeance, harboring and expressing all of Bella’s pent up aggression and anger.

I stared in his eyes for a second more, then spoke. "Christ, you're a sorry son of a bitch, you know that? You stay gone for weeks, fuckin your whore, then you have the audacity to waltz back in here, out of nowhere, and try to play fucking 'daddy' with me? To yell at me? Over a motherfucking ticket? You think you can smack me around and I won't do anything about it? You don't know me at all!" I ranted into his shocked face.

"Don't you ever touch us again," I growled at him.

A look of confusion crossed his eyes.

That's right motherfucker, I said us. Your precious Bella isn't around right now. She ran off, probably hiding in a goddamn corner somewhere.

Angelanharvey3 writes the story in different POV’s, mostly altenating between Bella and Edward, with a few Marie’s (Bella’s other side) thrown in. She expertly handles the switching of pov’s and the tone of each in fantastic. Personality is complete and is sure to give you a great ride!


  1. @karen4honor said...:

    I agree most whole-heartedly with the reviewer!
    It's an AMAZING and sometimes painful telling of Bella's past as well as her present recovery, and poor Edward's travails as he copes with her various selves. "Personality" is very angst-filled, but there are bits of fluff & deviltry put in & I LUURRRRVVVEE the author hard and long for her cleverness and eeeeevilness as to what she puts poor Eddie through *snicker!* Bella's multiple personalities can change at the drop of a dime and leave Bella holding the bag, so-to-speak, and that can sometimes get her into some....ummmm...INTERESTING predicaments! Her recovery process with Carlisle delves deeply into her past and this is where most of the angst and disturbing stuff comes from. The author holds no punches as she describes the E/B characters *currently* do NOT have a healthy relationship, but WILL eventually have one, as Bella's recovery progresses. I strongly encourage y'all to give this story a try! *WARNING!*it's definitely rated M for a reason! There's major heart-fail in Bella's past & very graphic and disturbing descriptions of child abuse, so please bear that in mind!

    I would also like to add that "Intertwined" is @angelanharvey3's next part of her planned 3 story arc for this long-ranging fic & add that "Intertwined" is @angelanharvey3's next part of her planned 3 story arc for this long-ranging fic---found here---: (http://angelanharvey3-intertwined dot blogspot dot com/?zx=5606df67e4970332)

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