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January 24, 2011
47 Days by netracullen
Review by anonymouslysufferingfromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella and Edward had never met until they spent 47 days in hell together. They can trust no one, except for each other. Now they're home, and trying to heal as they fight for the normality they always took for granted. Lang/Lemons

I will admit after reading the summary of this story I was a little skeptical, I have been on an anti-angst kick for a while so I was a little afraid this one would be too much for me. The story is listed as Hurt/Comfort/Romance and so far has lived up to those expectations. While obviously, two teenage strangers being abducted and held for 47 days having no idea what they could have done to cause it; this story is drama filled. However, netracullen has done a good job in spacing out the drama so we aren’t completely overwhelmed.

The story starts off with Bella telling us what has been going on in her world, she has no idea how long she has been in this room but she knows that she isn’t alone and she gives us a glimpse of what meeting Edward for the first time was like.

He appraised me in the dull light emitted by a naked bulb hanging from the ceiling, before he crossed the room and sat down beside me on the mattress as if we were old friends.

"I'm Edward."


We shook hands.

"I wish I could say it's nice to meet you, but it really fucking isn't."

After being rescued Bella and Edward are suffering from a severe co-dependency that their families don’t really understand.

"Bella, honey, why aren't you in your own bed?" Charlie asks gently. It's as though he thinks that speaking at normal volume will break me.

"Because…" I struggle for words, "it's just better like this." I doubt they believe me. We're cramped into the tiny bed, tangled together due to a lack of space. It doesn't look better.

I feel better though.


Thrust back into a world where they don’t understand how to be themselves again. Not ready to talk about what happened to them while they are away and dealing with parents that don’t understand how to handle their need to protect one another from the horrors that could still get them in the world, would be overwhelming for anyone.

"I'm not leaving her here," Edward says back, his voice just as strong as Charlie's. "God only knows what could happen if I'm not here to protect her." I'm starting to panic. Edward challenging authority only brings bad things.

"Are you saying that I'm incapable of looking after my child?"

"How did that go for you last time?"

If you thought Edward was protective in the original series I can only tell you that the protective caveman that we all know and love has come through loud and clear in this story, although this time, I do believe it is completely warranted. Edward is his typical broody self and he still overreacts, but really Bella is her usual self-sacrificing self so she tends to overreact as well.

The family dynamic is a bit different, Edward is the son of Esme and Carlisle, Jasper is his older half brother while Emmett is his 14-year-old younger brother. Bella is the daughter of a very career oriented, District Attorney Charlie and the best friend of the overbearing, over-excitable Alice that we have all come to know and love.

I will tell you that there are parts of this story that will make you cry. The need that the two of them have for one another is very intense, as is the storyline. At first the family tries to let them get over this their own way by allowing Bella to move in with the Cullen’s so they are still close to one another but there is also some adult supervision. It finally does come to a point where Carlisle demands that they do start to go to therapy.

Therapy proves to be challenging the first time and Edward isn’t really ready to face things yet. Carlisle and Esme then decide that alternative therapy may be the answer for a while, getting a brooding hot tempered Edward into a workout program, while giving Bella a new friend that will need to rely on her.

It doesn’t take long for Bella to understand that if she wants to have a normal relationship with Edward she is going to need therapy to allow her to achieve it. Unfortunately while doing the right thing and seeking that therapy out, she keeps it from Edward which I fear will blow up in her face in future chapters.

"You need to bridge the two feelings and the best way I can think of to do that is to talk to Edward. I know that he doesn't know about you and I spending time together - which you know I'm not thrilled about - but tell him that you'd like to try and explore things, at your own pace.”

We have only heard from Edward one time in the story so far but it was a very well placed chapter and we got to hear from him at exactly the right time. 

I'd give her my soul, if she didn't already have it.

How can I tell her that without scaring her away?

Overall the writing in this story is good with very few grammatical and spelling errors and the author, netracullen, has done a good job at wanting us to understand exactly what these two went through without giving too much away at a time. She has also done a good job at breaking up the story with fun and fluff when it is needed, so it doesn’t get too intense. We are only 18 chapters in and still don’t know why these two were abducted to begin with but that keeps you interested and the story seems to update about once a week so you aren’t left hanging for too long. I have been pleasantly surprised that this little gem has grabbed my attention and I did add it to my faves and story alerts as soon as I was done reading. While I don’t think the story is for the feint of heart, and I do think that we will be facing more angst/drama before we are done I do hope that you will take the time to read and enjoy it as well.

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