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September 28, 2010

Righteous and Wicked by cherry.blossomz

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella is a reluctant school teacher, stuck stagnant under a looming shadow from her past. Edward is an architect striving to overcome his vices by running from them. Will they strive for a righteous path, or spiral into wicked depths?

I was recently rec’d Darkness, cherry.blossomz’s first fic by a friend. I read it over one weekend, barely coming up for air. I couldn’t wait to read more from her. As it turned out, she had just started her second story titled, Righteous and Wicked. The title alone intrigued me, and once I began reading, I couldn’t stop. The writing has a beautiful and unique cadence to it. The short views into the lives of Bella and Edward alternate throughout the well-formed chapters. cherry.blossomz’s work is rich with unique symbolism and descriptive imagery. She successfully takes her readers on a mysterious, UST filled journey of the most wicked kind.

Edward and Bella are obviously and painfully flawed. Bella lives what might be considered a mundane, lonely existence as an elementary school teacher at a Catholic girls school. She seems to be barely tolerating her job and life… simply going through the motions of existence. A painful past has been alluded to, but the details remain a mystery.

“She sleeps, she wakes, she works. She sleeps, she wakes, she works. She looks in the mirror and wonders who it is that is staring back at her, and remembers the person she once saw there. A full heart. A hand to hold. A future and a room to paint. She wakes, she works, she sleeps…alone.” - Chapter 1

Edward is Bella’s enigmatic new neighbor, having grown up in Forks, has now returned to build a house next door to Bella.

“He wonders if the choice he has made is the right one, but will allow himself to feel no regret. He gets into a limousine and stares out the window at the endless, blurry green. I'm not running, I'm moving on. He lies to himself and he believes the lie.” – Chapter 1

Edward’s demons are obvious from the beginning. If Bella is the Righteous one, you are left to assume that Edward is the Wicked one. And wicked he shall be... from eyeing up his friends fianc√© (Rosalie) to using a woman at a nightclub. As layers of the story are slowly peeled away, we realize while he may have company, he is truly lonely.

“His uncontrollable fury spreads through his body and leaks from his pores. He begins to sweat and it drips on the girls breasts. Her legs wrap around him, and her back slams against the stall door. "Oh, fuck me…fuck me…"she chants. The door creaks and threatens to burst open against the weight of Edward's violent thrusts. He reaches up and grips the top of the door for leverage, and holds tightly to the girl's thigh. He pumps even harder now. She tells him to go slow, but he doesn't. She says she's going to come and he doesn't care. He feels himself coiling up inside, and he knows the end is near. His mouth waters in anticipation of the few moments of real pleasure—the delusional bliss that comes with his release.

The only time he really feels alive.

"Fuck," he curses and groans loudly as he comes, then quickly sets her down. The girl pulls her skirt into place and he buckles his belt. They both catch their breath. She holds his face. She tries to be tender. She wants to kiss him and he pulls away. He has no more need for her. She doesn't ask for his phone number. He doesn't look at her or say goodbye as he walks out the bathroom door.”: - Chapter 2

Bella is desperately drawn to Edward, this man she refers to as Stormy Eyes. Edward’s character appears as the antithesis to hers. Secretly searching for him, she listens to his lustful interactions. Slowly, Bella finds herself seduced by his hunting and satiation, yet envious of his prey. cherry.blossomz offers her readers incredibly textured characters with depths that are sure to be revealed. Edward is a complicated man whose wants and needs duel within him. Beautiful Bella forces his gentle heart and mind to the surface. With Bella’s past still a mystery, we are left trusting her pure actions as truth of her character. However, hints of her past love and loss are peppered throughout, leaving you pondering her demons as well. Were these two souls brought together by fate or a higher power to help each other heal? And in doing so, will they find everlasting love?

At eight masterful chapters, Righteous and Wicked is a work in Progress. I urge you not miss a moment of this literary journey.


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