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September 27, 2010

Hide in Plain Sight by FangMom
Review by bbwraven

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward is an actor, hounded by paparazzi and fans. His financial advisor Jacob invites Edward to stay with him and his family in Houston. Can Edward hide in plain sight and will his relationship with Jacob’s wife Bella tear a close-knit family apart?

Normally I shy away from the older Bella, younger Edward story lines. But Hide in Plain Sight had three elements that won me over 1) Edward was an actor 2) He’s British and 3) its set in Texas.

Ok I’m in!

HiPs is seriously my new favorite WIP, it starts with an exhausted, and sleep deprived Edward Cullen whose career as an actor seemed to have skyrocketed out of control. His financial advisor, Jacob Black, offers him his home as refuge from the paparazzi and to get much needed rest.

During his first weekend with the Blacks he easily connected with Jacob’s wife, Isabella. He didn’t see her as an older mother of a teenager, he simply saw a beautiful woman he wanted to know better.

This must be Jake's daughter.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen, a client of your father's," I said brightly.

The girl stood silently gaping at me.

I guessed that she knew who I was.

I also guessed that she was in complete shock at seeing me standing on her doorstep.

Her mouth worked soundlessly for a minute. Then she suddenly whispered "No. Fucking. Way."

I sighed inwardly. I was used to fans reacting this way toward me. It didn't really faze me anymore. At least she wasn't trying to rip my clothes, or having me sign her breasts with a Sharpie.

There was sudden movement behind the girl as someone admonished her for her language. Then the door opened wider as the woman appeared.

I was confused. Surely this couldn't be Mrs. Black. The woman standing before me didn't look much older than I was. How could she possibly have a teenaged daughter?

She was small and slender, with wide brown eyes and lush dark hair pulled up into a simple twist. Her tailored clothes were elegant without being fussy, and simple white pearls stood out against her lightly tanned skin.

She is lovely, I thought to myself in the moment that my eyes took her in.

Jacob Black was a lucky man, indeed.

Then she did the most unexpectedly hilarious thing. Her soft pink lips parted, and she whispered the word "Motherfucker," so softly I couldn't believe for a minute that I'd heard correctly.

Her hand immediately flew up to cover her mouth, as her eyes gazed at me in shock. A flush bloomed across her cheeks and spread down her neck to the little collarbones that I could see peeking through her blouse.

I couldn't help myself. I felt laughter bubble up inside me at the incongruousness of the attractive, elegant woman before me, and the word she had just uttered.

As her daughter screeched beside her, I attempted to diffuse the distress she was obviously experiencing by introducing myself.

She quickly murmured an apology and invited me inside.

"I'm Bella. Bella Black," she said softly, extending her hand to shake mine.

As I grasped her hand, I felt a surge of current pass between us.

What the fuck?

Edward and Bella formed an easy-going friendship that later helped him as he battles his addiction to pain killers. But for Bella her new found friendship with Edward only reinforced something was wrong with her relationship with Jacob. He treated her like a person where her own family saw her as dull and boring.

Even though Bella is married I love her connection with Edward, it was instantaneous and sweet. He treated her with respect and even tried to get Jake to see he was treating his wife more like a maid than a partner.

And if you’re looking for a hot sex scene… then you’ll love chapter 10!

In all seriousness this is a great WIP and you will fall in love with British Edward and a Southern Bella. I seriously do a happy dance everytime I see an update alert for this fic.


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