Brand New Fic of the Week: 9/10-9/16

September 12, 2010

Giofógach by ltlerthqak

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: I didn't know anything was missing from my life until I met him at the carnival. Were my gypsy lifestyle and unbelievable gift too much for him to accept? And was there something bigger we should have been watching for? AH

Giofógach translates to gypsy...

“Once I reached the parking lot, I walked towards the open field just beyond the cars, hoping to catch a breeze to help clear my head. I suddenly stopped halfway across the lot, captivated by a scent that almost knocked me to my knees. It was sweet - with a depth similar to caramel, a hint of rain and just a slight whisper of vanilla. I felt my stomach clench and my body lock in place as the aroma encompassed me.

There were no thoughts, no sounds – just a feeling of completeness I had never experienced before. I stood for seconds, minutes, hours…it could have been a lifetime for all I knew as time ceased to exist. At some point, I realized the scent was dwindling and I began turning in a circle trying to locate the person with such an amazing essence. I stumbled in and out of the rows, back and forth through the lot, trying to pinpoint the glorious aroma.”

The Twilight gang as, yes please, may I have some more?

This story is way more than incredible for so many reasons, but the Twilight crew being a band of carnies that travel the country doing county fairs has to be one of the most interesting and awesome set ups for a story in fic, period. Bella and Renee meet Phil at a carnival and this Renee, true to canon, follows her heart and has her, “let’s go where the wind takes us” attitude and they end up joining Phil on the road.

Bella and Renee embark, along with our friends, Alice, Esme and Emmett, in the life of a gypsy and about seven years later is where this story begins.

Another reason this story is more than awesome is this Bella. Not only does Bella have purple streaked hair but she, in this all human fic, has powers. You see in the incredibly well written and descriptive quote above that Bella becomes overwhelmed by a smell. She is clairvoyant with the power of her nose. To Bella, each person has a distinct scent and she can also sense things from smell. For example, when Renee and Phil met, Bella knew she was smelling fíorghrá, or true love.

That’s why this story becomes incredibly interesting when she smells Edward.

Bella has already smelled/sense Edward, but here is the powerful moment where she finally meets the man behind the crippling scent;

“If there was one thing I would remember about that night, it was the tranquility that surrounded me. Time slowed down as I reached my destination and there was suddenly no movement in the air. The man at the table turned to greet me. When his eyes met mine the world stood completely still. No breeze, no sound from Alice's jumping, no laughter from the passing patrons…just stillness.

He rose slowly from the table while staring at me with a shocked expression on his face. I felt this undeniable pull towards him, as if nothing else mattered but bringing our bodies together. He must have felt the same tug because we both took a step forward, my measured movements a mirror image to his. My foot landed on something unsteady, and I stumbled slightly forward. The man's hand grabbed my upper arm to steady me, and we both gasped.

As we made contact for the first time, I was inundated by a kaleidoscope of sensation. It was as if the sky exploded into pink and purple sparkles. The scent of warm caramel and rain surrounded me to such an extent that my mouth watered from the taste of it in the air. An electric current ran up and down my body and the only sound was the beating of my own heart as it tried to pound its way out of my chest. I stopped moving and allowed my senses to deal with the overwhelming stimulation encircling me.”

Most Bella’s are portrayed as perceptive girls, but this Bella is not only perceptive but is sure of herself and that’s a wonderful change of pace for this fandom.

The way the author writes this power of Bella’s alone is reason enough to read this story. The descriptions are beyond beautiful and the author really knows how to take advantage of all your senses. That’s a difficult trait for even the best writers to posses and it appears to come naturally and effortlessly for ltlerthqak.

This Bella knows this Edward is for her and I’m anxious to see her power and their relationship unfold and how they will mix.

“My relatively empty mind suddenly focused on one thing…Edward. My fíorghrá.”


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