Writer Submitted Fic: 9/10-9/16

September 13, 2010

Light Of The Morning by alisXvolatX21
Reviewed by Dragonfly336

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: He felt forgotten. She saved him. He felt lost. She showed him the light. He felt alone. She loved him. Edward Masen is a reclusive senior in high school who puts on a rebel facade. Bella Swan is a free-spirited junior who wants to branch out. AH AU OOC

At the beginning of Light Of The Morning by alisXvolatX21, we meet Bella. She has lived in Forks her whole life and her father passed away when she was 13. She lives with Renee, who was devastated after Charlie died. So she becomes the typical good girl, but she is sick of her image.

She is constantly tormented in school by “The Bitch Squad,” which consists of Jessica, Tanya, and Victoria, for her good girl image. Bella is ready for a change and her best friend Alice is going to help her. Alice compiles a list, dubbed "The Cherry Bomb List," of things that Bella needs to change before the first day of school. I love the interactions between this Alice and Bella, especially when they are talking about the list. This interaction is where Bella’s naivet√© really shines through.

"But I touched it, doesn't that count for something?"

"No, not really. Did you stroke it or anything?"

"Uh, no. I kinda just poked it."

"You poked it?"

"Yeah, I poked it"

"Wow, Bell."

"What is that bad or something?"

"Yes, it means that you have no experience, at all. We are going to have to fix that."

She said as she pulled out the list that was now in her bag and she most likely wrote down; "Teach Bella to properly poke a penis."

When we meet Edward, we learn that he has not had an easy life.

I am forgotten. I am alone. Everything I do and say is fucked up. My life is fucked, therefore, I am fucked.

He is not originally from Forks. He lives with his father, Aro, who is a drug addict and abusive. Even though he lives in these conditions, he is a good kid. He gets good grades and doesn’t get in trouble. He has a part time job. But we also know that he has lived through something even more terrible.

"Edward, honey? Come out from the under the table. Everything is going to be fine."

Mom. I could hear her voice, her sweet fucking angelic and beautiful voice. Calling me to her, but I couldn't see her, everything was a blur, as if I had been crying.

"Teddy, please. Hurry baby, before he comes back."

I started to see her kneel down to the ground as she lifted up the green tablecloth. Her prepossessing face came into focus. She was beautiful even though she was fucking bleeding from the corner of her mouth and her cheek was black and blue. Her green eyes that mimicked mine stared mournfully back at me with a single tear coming out of her right eye.

But they were gone all to quickly as she disappeared from my focus. Then in her place was a pair of black fucking harsh eyes.

"Edward, is it?" his nefarious voice said as he fucking smirked at me.

He has finally had enough of his father and calls his Aunt Esme to see if he can live with her and his cousin Jasper. She agrees and he sets off to Forks in his old, rusty, red truck. He eventually meets Bella, but it isn’t the typical “love at first sight” meeting. But as the story progresses, we see that Edward cares about her and her well being.

There are many things that I like about this story. One of them is that alisXvolatX21 shakes things up a bit. It is refreshing to not read Edward being rich and driving a nice car. It is nice to see that Bella actually has a crush on Emmett, who happens to be Alice’s twin brother. I like the fact that Edward drives an old red truck and Bella has a Volvo. Dr. Cullen is Alice and Emmett’s and is a psychologist. He was married to neither Esme or Elizabeth, but to Charlotte, Who happens to leave him for his younger brother, Peter. We also meet Jacob Black, who happens to not be such a nice guy.

Please go read this story! It is humorous as well as angsty, so everyone is happy! There are only 67 reviews and that is just a shame! You won’t regret it!


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