Completed Fic of the Week: 9/17-9/23

September 18, 2010

Dream A Little Dream by the.littlest.ingenue

Rating: M
Genre: Humor/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: All Human. Lots of fluff: What if the man of your dreams wasn't a dream at all? What if he was closer than you think? M for language and implied stuff. No angst, I promise.

Imagine this…your boyfriend breaks up with you. You get in a fight with your husband. You get a flat tire on your way to work. You spill coffee on your favorite shirt. After a horrible day, you finally make it home and all you want to do is change into comfy clothes and read something to take your mind off the day from hell you just had but you can’t decide what to read.

Well, look no further than Dream A Little Dream by the.littlest.ingenue. This funny, heart warming and whimsical story will lift your spirits if you are having a bad day and will make a good day even better. The writing is extraordinary and you will find yourself sucked in from the first word and it won’t let go until you get to the last one.

We begin this little tale with Bella and Angela discussing the ritual held on St. Agnes Eve where it is believed you will see your future husband in a dream if performed correctly. Bella’s best friend Angela…and let me tell you folks, this is the best Angela you will EVER find…convinces her to partake and with much resignation from our very sarcastic and super funny Bella, they sit in Bella’s back yard and prepare to see their future husbands.

Of course, Bella dreams of a certain bronze haired, green eyed, chiseled jawed image of perfection. And it takes time for this particular vision to come to fruition…years in fact. But Bella never wavers in her belief of something more and her dream husband searches for her just as much.

I laughed. I cried. I spit my drink out on my desk. Dream A Little Dream is short. Start to finish, it took me about an hour, but I promise it will be the best sixty minutes you will ever spend reading FanFiction. I can tell you, I will be reading, and rereading this story many times over…so many times I bet I have every word memorized and each time I will fall in love with it even more.
It’s that good.

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