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September 20, 2010

Beyond the Seventh Circle by Amelie Gray
Reviewed by Dragonfly336

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Gift!fic for YellowGlue. "He looked down and watched as her toes curled nervously in their rainbow-striped socks, and he knew right away he shouldn't trust her." Rating because I am paranoid

Do you ever read a story and you are instantly sucked in? Yeah, this is one of those stories. Do you ever read a story that is so different from the other stories that you have read and get so excited about it, that you want to tell everyone to read it? Yep, this is one of those as well.

Amelie Gray has written a truly unique story with Beyond the Seventh Circle. This story started off as a prompt fic. She was given this sentence to start: “He looked down and watched as her toes curled nervously in their rainbow-striped socks, and he knew right away he shouldn't trust her.” And you can’t imagine what she has come up with.

One of the things that I loved about it, is that she pulls you in, giving little snippets of what is happening so that you are constantly questioning and need to keep reading to figure it out. I can tell you that this definitely pulled me in:

The usual fee-nothing more, nothing less," he told her, averting his gaze from her translucent skin and the blue veins pulsing beneath the bright pink of her blush. He had not eaten in days, and the rush of her blood was more tempting than anything he could have imagined. The familiar burn, deep and cutting, set into his throat, and he found that in spite of the fetid air, he couldn't breathe.

She said nothing.

"Jasper did tell you what to expect?"

It is hard to review this story without giving too much away and that is half the fun of reading it. I can tell you this... it is a Darkward fic and let me be clear, this is a deliciously, dark Edward. But, not only do we get Darkward, we also get a dark Jasper and Alice. For some reason, I love a dark Alice!

When I opened them, Alice was standing in front of me, a dangerous smile curling her lips. In that moment, she no longer looked sweet and young. She was a she-devil, a demon in sheep's clothing and painted nails.

This Bella is different too. There is something special about her, and not just because she is Edward’s singer or the fact that Edward can’t hear her. At one point she describes herself as a Circe. I had to look this up and found that a Circe in Greek mythology is a minor goddess of magic that transformed her enemies, or those who offended her, into animals through the use of magical potions.

This story is 13 chapters in and has 276 reviews. It deserves so much more. Amelie is such a talented writer. Her prose is beautiful and the imagery is fantastic! So, please read!! And in the words of Edward:

"Started the party without me?" He asked, every word coming out in a dangerous purr. "Seems like I need to catch up."

And, that you do!!

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