Brand New Fic of the Week: 9/17-9/23

September 19, 2010

Love Within the Realms of Existence by fluffynuts

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Supernatural
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: “Every incarnation that we remember must increase our comprehension of ourselves as who we are." -Aleister Crowley

“I feel a strange sense of familiarity and ease with Edward. I have only become acquainted with him a month, but it seems as though I have known him a long time. It's a weird sense of déjà-vu or something. Like our paths have crossed before.” - Bella

Remember that show that started in the 80’s, Quantum Leap?

Oh, come on, who doesn’t love Scott Bakula running through time?

I digress. Anywho, what if I told you that there was a story that I could only describe as, Quantum Leap meets Twilight plus awesomely crazed sex romps? I bet your ears perked on that one.

For this fic, I only have three words.

Bring. It. On.

Oh, wait...No, now hold on....I have three more words; I need more.

The story begins with Edward as Bella’s contractor that is redoing her kitchen, but the second chapter shows us a married Edward and Bella with two young girls.

This tale is going to introduce us to different Edward and Bella’s meeting in alternate universes.
Fluff shows us that no matter what cosmos Edward and Bella rendezvous in, they will always have crazy, sexy, good, lemonade for us to sip on.

After the second chapter was posted I never saw so many repeat tweets in my life. No, not Retweet but repeat tweets. They all looked a little something like this, “I won’t be able to look at olive oil the same way.”

I swear I counted at least eight of those in my feed and I promise, YOU won’t regard olive oil the in the same light again either.

“Falling in love with Bella is probably the easiest thing I ever did. I still fall in love with her every single day, every moment. Every flip of her lustrous chestnut hair, every little impish smirk she flashes me. Every Christmas Eve when we are both up until midnight, setting up dollhouses and easy bake-type ovens. I fall more in love with her every second of my existence.

Being in love with her feels as easy as breathing. Even when our lives are busy, we never take each other for granted. There's the stolen kisses sitting on the couch on movie night when the girls aren't looking. There's the pats on the asses at my mom and dad's house when Dad is droning on about America's Healthcare system.
I look into Bella's loving coffee-colored eyes and it feels like I've loved her from the beginning of time. I don't know how that's possible but from our first date together in college. Every touch of her, every kiss from her sweet lips; feels like home to me. We've always felt like two pieces of a puzzle that were always meant to be together” -Edward

Not only does the first two chapters show that Fluff knows how to write some inventive and amazing lemons, but this story has true promise of being a unique and off-the-wall fic that will have us all wondering and chatting about what the hell is in Fluff’s mind.

In an incredibly good way of course.

I have my own theory on what Fluff is doing for us, but, come on and join Fluff’s wild ride; It is a guaranteed good time. You will not be disappointed and I’d bet money you put olive oil on the top of next week’s grocery list.

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