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August 27, 2010

Irreconcilable Differences by AnonySwan and AnonyCullen
Review by JaimeArkin

Rating: M
Genre: Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella 

Summary: Welcome to the city of Miami. Where the days are hot & the nights are even hotter. The city where money buys you everything. Where the divorce rate is high, silicone is a necessity & sex is a game. Let's Play. collaboration between AnonySwan & AnonyCullen

Welcome to the city of Miami.
Where the days are hot & the nights are even hotter.
Beautiful beaches, beautiful bodies.
Fake tans.
Strong drinks.
The hottest clubs.
Fast cars, fast women.
The city where money buys you everything.
Where the divorce rate is high, silicone is a necessity & sex is just

This fic had me at the summary! Honestly, I found the blog before I found the story and that alone had me hooked! This story is collaboration between AnonyCullen and AnonySwan and once you start reading you won’t want to stop. The blog also has some of the best pic teases I’ve seen in a while!

This is probably one of the hottest fics I have read in a long time. Edward and Bella have no idea who each other is when they first meet, and boy do they *cough* meet…

“Her eyes were closed, her lips were parted, and her breath came in erratic gasps. Her breath was heaven; sweet honey mixed with a few remnants of the aged tequila she had been sipping. Sweat gathered on her skin, sliding our bodies beautifully together, dampening the sheets.” - Chapter 1

On the eve of her divorce from Mike Newton, her high school sweetheart turned high profile television personality; Bella meets Edward at a club where she’s out celebrating with friends. From the get-go Edward is a total asshole, condescending and rude, but what Bella doesn’t know is that he is Miami’s most sought after divorce lawyer… whom her ex has hired. After fleeing his house on the beach she finds out just who Edward Cullen is:

“His gaze burned through me as he realized who I was. For a second, I saw his eyes widen, and then a small smirk appeared out of the corner of his mouth, his lips twitched just a hint. His eyebrow arched slightly as I watched him look me up and down. Unconsciously, I tried to smooth out my clothes and tame my hair.
Fuck. I'm still in the same outfit from last night. And he fucking knows it.”
Chapter 2

I will be honest, I love this Edward. He’s a prick, an asshole and he knows it and doesn’t care. He purposely fucks with Bella to get a reaction out of her and assert his status and dominance. He is used to getting exactly what he wants, when he wants it and that includes Bella. For some reason he is drawn to her and no matter how badly he treats her, she can’t seem to stay away.

“I hated every fiber of his being. I loathed his beautifully sculpted face and his tempting lips. The way his body seemed to press perfectly against mine in the water. The way his breath heaved in a disorderly motion pushing his chest lower to mine. The way his hands felt on either side of my head, pinning me to the edge of the tub. I hated him. Fucking hated him. Hated every fucking inch of him.” – Chapter 5

So far, we don’t know much about Edward or his story, we get glimpses behind the exterior shell he shows the world, but they are brief. I certainly can’t wait to find out the rest of his story. The anger, dominance and sexual tension between these two are going to make for some interesting chapters ahead. The supporting characters in this story are wonderful too. Alice is Bella’s fresh out of law school lawyer, taking on the big bad Edward Cullen. I can’t wait for the fireworks in court! So please, head over and read this fic, you won’t be disappointed... I promise! Real life for the authors forced this to be put on hold for a bit, but it’s only five chapters and 2 outtakes in, and I have it on good authority that an update will be coming soon! So go read and get caught up now!

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