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August 29, 2010

Dust to Dust by KymClark
Review by KylaPricky

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: "30s Dust Bowl Oklahoma. A stark, desolate place where there are Dust storms, starvation and despair. Bella has just moved into town and meets the afflicted Edward. Sparks fly amidst all the desolation and they find comfort in each other. Contains Lemons"

Sir, turn back!
Nothing that way but heartache!
Do you want your family to die?

The desperation on their faces sends chills down my spine. Are they right? Are we marching towards our deaths?...We are the only car headed east- to the dust.”

Bella, Charlie and Renee are headed east from their lives in California during the Great Depression to Oklahoma in hopes to find work and a better life. Charlie has been promised work in a form of a letter by their old friends the Newtons. Along the way, they pick up actual real live “Indians” named Billy and Jake and the two families become fast friends on the road trip to Oklahoma. Everything seems all good and dandy right? Well it is except for the major problem that they are headed to Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl.

But they are headed to Boise City. The one city that seems to be not only be maintaining during this tough time, but people are actually able to survive off the land. When the Newtons write the Swans they promise that Boise is worth the trip to the dust because Boise is one of the few places that has work available. Carlisle Cullen has promised it.

Most towns have become deserted because the land could no longer sustain the people, except for this one town. It’s all thanks to the mysterious Cullen family that has moved in and essentially revitalized the town.

Carlisle serves as the doctor and honorable mayor, Esme and Rosalie run the school, Emmett and Jasper are ranch hands and work the land while the strange sister Alice somehow knows when these dust storms are coming and she’s the one that tells the town when to take cover.

The Cullen family are the saviors of this town, but the big question among many, is, how are they doing it?

How are the Cullen’s keeping this land alive? Why doesn’t the dust seem to affect them?

Are Jake and Billy right when they warn Bella and her family to stay away from the Cullen’s?
Jake tells Bella that the Cullen’s are leeches that are sucking the land dry and what they are doing and who they are is unnatural. And he raises the question, How are they able to not only survive but thrive in what everyone refers to as “No Man’s Land.”

How can they make a town that survives when no one else can?

There is one more huge secret regarding the Cullen’s and that’s their son Edward that no one really ever sees except for the occasional time he decides to peek out of the Cullen’s window.

"Oh, there's one more boy. We never really see him. He's not right in the head."

When Bella learns of Edward she is instantly slammed with intrigued thoughts and finds herself drawn to finding out more about the Cullen’s and of course the one she really wants to find out about, Edward.

Bella desperately wants to meet Edward and discover for herself what the truth behind this enigma is, but has Edward already been visiting Bella?

“I start to walk past the tree and I hear something. It sounds like a guitar. I look again towards the tree and there is someone sitting under the tree. There it is- that song, the one I've been hearing every night, my lullaby. I hear a smooth voice sing-

I'd love to feel your hand touching mine
Yes, I'd give my life to lay my head tonight
On a bed of California stars

His voice has a pained, sorrowful edge, like he is pleading for peace- solace. I move in to see if I could inspect this mystery singer closer. There he is, humming and strumming. He is stirring my soul with every note he utters. He is wearing a straw hat, pulled down close to his face, so I cannot see him very well. I step on a twig, trying to get closer. Damn, I think he heard me.
He stops suddenly and raises his head. I see his eyes and they are like two burning suns emblazoned with raw emotion, that's him. This is Edward. I gasp in awe of his sheer beauty. I freeze, just gazing at him. He is very still, staring at me intensely. We stand there for a while. I do not want to look away and I hope he will continue singing. I gain control of my legs again and start walking towards him.
His amber eyes dart all around. He looks troubled, frightened even. I want to say to him, "Please, no. I mean no harm." Then, before I could open my mouth, he runs . . . away”

When people ask me to describe this fic, I have to admit I usually stutter a bit and then end up just blurting out, “um...its different ...really different.” To me, however, that is one of the best compliments I could give to a fic and this one definitely deserves it. This story is no doubt original and it has so many different elements that I find it’s almost impossible to contain this story to a nutshell.

This story is a realistic depiction of a young family and a small town trying to make it under these seemingly impossible and dire circumstances. It is an accurate portrayal of the times and of the dust bowl lifestyle.

I have never seen such an awesome representation of Native American culture and American history in a fic. Please keep that in mind when reading this story that Bella speaks and thinks like someone during the Great Depression and so do all the fellow characters around her.
But please also know that this story is fiction and the author Kym has just used this history and culture to serve as a wonderful and unique backdrop to her mysterious and grand tale.

This story has it all, love, heartache, struggle, culture, history, you name it, Dust to Dust, has it.

This Edward and Bella have to fight circumstances you have yet to see in any other story.
I’m bouncing in my seat to see how this story plays out and what Miss Kym has planned for this Edward and Bella. I want to see how they will be able to survive not just the storms and the times, but their draw to each other.

I highly recommend that you jump into this tale and observe as Bella gets closer to the perplexing Cullen family and watch her slowly straighten out the massive question that is the Cullen’s.


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