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August 12, 2010

The Rules of Hollywood by suzie55
Reviewed by toni0204

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Rising Star Edward Cullen is trapped in a fauxmance he wants to end. While filming a movie, he's drawn to a pair of distracting brown eyes. Within the trials of a new relationship, they discover themselves and each other.

Edward Cullen is having a moment. During that moment he realizes that being one half of the Hollywood golden couple isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, however, the other half of this couple, Rosalie Hale, has different ideas. He is finding it difficult to break free from Rosalie when he meets make-up artist Bella Swan. Can she make him realize that love should come before your career and if she does will the path of true love run smoothly for them?  When I first read the summary I thought ‘OH NO’ not another FamousWard story, however, something told me to take a chance on this one and I am so glad I did because after the first chapter I was hooked! If a vibrator called Emmett does not grab your attention “I had to bring Emmett out last night and you know I prefer you." She pouts as she explains that she prefers me to her vibrator” then the chemistry between Bella/Edward will. “Responding right now would be the normal thing to do, but I'm caught in the depth of her gaze. My heart tightens and I grab my chest. I hear the other one talking, but stay focused on Brown Eyes.”

This story had me laughing out loud, “Cockward is reving to go. Calm down boy, 'not tonight' I say to my penis” going weak at the knees, "Bella Brown Eyes, you made my heart enter a new orbit. I was spinning out of control and you gave me hope of what can be again. The last three days have changed my entire outlook on my life. What was important has changed. I weakly tried, but I can't stay away from you anymore" and getting hot under the collar “My hips start a slow gyrate, without my permission, against his center. His hips respond automatically by moving to meet mine in the middle of our warming bodies. I feel his cock growing in length and girth with each union.”

Susie55 has not only made her main characters lovable and believable but her supporting characters are relatable just as SM’S are. I love the Jasper in this story he is so much more fun loving and easy going than he is normally portrayed. “He grabs me in a headlock and noogies me like we're eight. ”I wouldn't miss pretty boy Ed in action. Lead the way, princess."

Susie uses just the right mix of humour, romance and lemons to make this story an absolute pleasure to read and leaving you wanting more and more each chapter. From the very beginning there are so many directions that these characters could take but it doesn’t take long till they are all on the right path, let’s just hope they stay there!

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