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August 30, 2010

Faith in You by Jasper's Izzy
Reviewed by LadyTazz
*This story is no longer available*

Rating: M
Genre: Suspense/Romance
Characters: Jasper/Bella

Teaser Trailer for Faith In You:

Summary: Twenty years after Edward leaves Bella, the Cullen's are in trouble. Jasper is called home after being away from his family he once loved, but he has changed. Now an unknown force is out to destroy the vampire world as they all know it. J/B dark themes.

This is a DARK story so if you don't like DARK stories don't read it - see simple.

OMG - this story owned me from chapter 1 - it has so many twist and turns and leaves you with so many question. Every time she gives an answer to one of the many unanswered questions, she leaves with many more.

Jasper is called home to help the Cullen's as a vampire war is about to start. He comes face to face with his past in more ways than one.

He comes in contact with a very powerful vampire. Who is it and how will it change his life and the vampire world? The vampire army is made up of something very mysterious.

This story keeps you on your toes, it's so well written and suspenseful. I would love to go on and on about what you are in for, but I would just give something away. Trust me when I say that you want to read this.

Lady Tazz would never steer you wrong!

Jasper's Izzy hits a home run with this incredible and suspenseful dark fic, so grab a beverage and a snack and buckle up it's quite a ride.

Here is a teaser for her next chapter coming soon!!!!!!

Faith in You
Chapter 11 teaser

“They let you, a newborn crazed with thirst, go out to hunt? In a city where it's forbidden to feed from humans? That sounds... irresponsible of them.” I was shocked they would be willing to let a newborn out on their own to feed. That was unbelievable. This coming from the leaders of our world that made these rules.

“I wasn't a typical newborn.” She sighed and I could see a sort of acceptance that she had shared this information with me. She was opening up just a little and I was glad for it.

“What do you mean, not typical?” I was confused. There was only one kind of newborn. Blood crazed. Nothing else. No levels of newborns, no types of newborns. There were just... newborns.

“I didn't have the crazed thirst for blood most newborns have. My throat burned, sure, but the frenzy that I've been told so much about never happened with me. If I focused hard enough I could get myself out of the city without so much as flinching.” Briefly I saw a flash of pride in her eyes, before they darkened and she shut back down again.

“That's... amazing.” I know, lame but it was all I could think. How could she have that sort of control right from the start?

“It's an awful long way to the nearest city or town. I bet the countryside rapidly experienced a population decrease.” I mused.

“Something like that.” She mumbled strangely. I furrowed my eyebrows at her, but her reflection showed her in some far off place, so she didn't see my confusion.

“Well, the Volturi must be pretty good at covering up, because that would be a hard thing to explain. All those people missing or dead and no international inquires? Damn, that must have taken a lot of work.” I was just speaking my thoughts out loud at this point, not really realizing what I was say
A typical newborns appetite is tremendous and the amount of blood it takes to feed one equals to a lot of humans. Even with Bella's apparent control, her thirst would have been monstrous.

“Actually there was no need.” I glanced at her and saw she was now staring intently in the eyes. Her crimson orbs were swimming with so many forbidden secrets and secret emotions, it took me by surprise.

“Why not?” I asked, beyond curious. She looked down at her feet nervously before closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the head rest.

“I didn't feed from humans.” There was an audible pop when my jaw fell open. I was not expecting that.

~~~The End~~~~


  1. Jaspers Izzy said...:

    Aw, thank you for the love BB. I really appreciate it. Glad you are enjoying the story. It's a mind trip to write, so I can only imagine what it's like to read it. I'll have the update out as soon as I can.


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