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August 07, 2010

Innocence is Dripping Red by EchoesOfTwilight
Reviewed by AydenM
*This story is no longer available*

Rating: M
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Darkward Vampfic Contest Winner: A bored and jaded Edward has his own way of spicing up his lonely existence - until a chance meeting makes him question what he thought he knew about his life.

Intense. Enticing. Intricate. Erotic. Brilliant.

So many ways to describe Innocence is Dripping Red and still they don't feel like quiet enough to express my complete adoration of this continuation of EchoesofTwilight's Darkward Vampfic Contest Winner.

Edward is an unabashed killer, taking human life, human memory and sensation and using them to sate his own desires. Blood and sex twine tightly, desire for one fueling his desire for the other. He has chosen a different path in his Vamp-life and it is that choice that draws Bella into his life.

When he meets her, however, it is not a desire for her blood that draws him to her. It's everything else about her. The mystery. Her beauty. The way she feels against him.

"She pressed against my back then, and my body electrified. I turned swiftly – perhaps too swiftly – but her face registered no surprise.

Her face. Dear God, she was beautiful. Skin almost as pale as mine, were it not for the delectable pooling of blood in her cheeks as she blushed. Deep chocolate eyes framed in heavy lines of black. Hair I was sure was her natural shade of dark brown. Lips stained a deep, blood red.

Blood was absolutely the last thing I should think about when looking at this creature. But I couldn't help it. Her pulse beat in her ivory neck under smooth, translucent skin. And her smell, it was everywhere, inciting in me an unquenchable fire.

Unquenchable – because killing her, even if I broke my own rules, would not satisfy me. Oh, it would be pleasure of the highest order, but not of the kind I desired for the first time in my too-long life.

I wanted to lick, kiss, suck, thrust. I wanted to devour but leave her alive so I could do it again and again and again."

He wants her and he takes her, fulfilling her desire to join him.

At this point in most fics, Edward chooses Bella over that darker side of himself and reforms. That's not the case with Innocence is Dripping Red. It takes a different direction entirely and is absolutely captivating as a result. This is just the beginning of a journey as erotic as it is dark.


Sex and death. Want and need.

I swallowed the blood on my tongue.

It is all connected.

I could not have one without the other."

If you're looking for an apologetic killer... you won't find him here. Instead, you'll find Darkward at his finest. Eloquent, unapologetic and falling further into erotic depravity when Bella enters his world.

Innocence is Dripping Red takes you to a place so many Darkward fics do not. Bloodlust and voyeurism, devotion and masochism are combined flawlessly under EchoesofTwilight's pen and the result is breathtaking. This is not a story of redemption, but of devotion and the sacrifices and choices one is willing to make to avoid the torment of loss.

EchoesofTwilight has managed to paint a vivid backdrop for Innocence is Dripping Red and the prose, as much as the story, is spell-binding. If you read anything this week... read Innocence is Dripping Red. You will not regret it.

This Darkward will stick with you long after you finish that final chapter. He is, more than any other Darkward out there, an enticing embodiment of that dark side of vampire nature that many have attempted to weave but few have truly achieved.

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