Brand New Fic of the Week: 8/13-8/19

August 12, 2010

Yesternight by Pastiche Pen
Reviewed by KylaPricky

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Characters: Edward/Jasper

Summary: A trip to Mexico leaves Carlisle and Edward captured by a Southern coven—and a certain blond-haired vampire. To earn his and Carlisle's freedom, Edward strikes a deal, but what is the mind to the heart? Slash. Ed/Jasper.

This story starts off with the story we know of Carlisle obeying Edward’s dying mother’s wish for the vampire doctor to save her son anyway that he could. Carlisle obeys and we have Edward the newborn vampire. It is only him and Carlisle and Carlisle suggests that they both take a trip to the South to see his old friends. The reason is because Carlisle thinks it may be good for Edward because he knows that he is lonely.

They go to the South and they are attacked by a newborn vampire army. This is where our beloved Jasper comes into the mix.

“Jasper's blond hair hung in his eyes, and yet Edward knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the vampire was focusing on him, assessing his mood. Edward had the image of a snake testing the air with its tongue.”

Jasper and Maria, the heads of the army, both realize quickly that Edward has a power, so they decide to take him prisoner and hope to put him to good use. Since they want Edward they decide to spare Carlisle as well, but as their prisoner, of course.

If you look at my favorite stories on Fanfiction, they are all Edward and Bella’s stories.
Well that was the case until I got my paws on this little beauty.

I gladly give this story my slash cherry.

The author really delves into what I consider the most interesting part of the vampire world, their powers. I found myself literally get lost in her descriptions of the battles of the different powers and feeling overcome by them. She has an amazing talent of being able to explain the senses.

“He couldn't see. Everything around him seemed to fade. He tried to distinguish sounds around him, the snaking whispers, but there were no words, just a low lullaby, one that was a shadowy, distant like soft light penetrating the many layers of a forest canopy. Then there was the smell; it made him bend forward, sniffing the trail of scent, tingling like hot herbs in his nostrils before blooming into heady sweetness: scents of roses and boxwood and ether.”

This was what I was really able to sink my teeth into because I love how Edward and Jasper use their powers with each other. There is hum that emanates from their first confrontations while Edward is busy trying to figure out what exactly Jasper can do. Edward is confused at first trying to figure out whether Jasper is the enemy because it seems as if Jasper wants to guide him, calm him and keep Edward’s fears at bay. Even though when they first met Jasper tried to kill him and his moods seem to flip at the drop of a dime.

This story is five chapters in and while there hasn’t been a whole lot of slashy goodness yet there is a taste during a fight training session between Edward and Jasper.

Here comes their first little lemon drop;

“At the realization, Edward swallowed down the venom that poured into his throat, and Jasper took that millisecond to nudge his jaw against Edward's, so that Edward's teeth were gone from Jasper's neck, and instead Jasper was pressing into him, his back arching once again, and Edward trembled as Jasper's lips slipped along his temple, pressed, and then Edward gasped, a gasp that sounded so loud, seeming to echo back into him.

Jasper took advantage of his parted lips. His lips mashed, half-fought to pry Edward's farther open , and he groaned when Edward tensed only to relax completely, opening up, letting Jasper glide in. The taste was a shock at first, not sweet like Edward had tasted from Millie but deep, complex and hot with spice. Edward pressed against Jasper when his tongue met the rough, almost sandy press of Jasper's tongue, and he knew he should be careful, but that didn't stop him from searching out the edges of Jasper's teeth.

Their bodies were perfectly aligned. Jasper's leaner body was shivering against his, and the tension. The press and press-back between their lower bodies was going more deliberate. Edward grabbed Jasper's shoulders—held on for dear life—when Jasper rolled his hips up. They both groaned, pushing harder together, starting to rock against the dip in the floor.
Edward had a hand fisted in Jasper's hair and the other pulling on his hip, when Jasper bent to lick his neck”

So hot vamps rolling around fighting and then kind of just falling into making out?
Yeah, count me in.....BUT this story is by no means just a slash story. It has all the elements of good story telling and I can’t wait to see what Maria and Jasper have in store for Edward. It seems as though they may have different motives and I’m dying to see who trumps who.

This was my first stab at slash and Yesternight has me eagerly waiting for more.


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