Domysticated's Review of the Week: 4/30/12

May 02, 2012

Fairytale by CandyTwi
Review by Domysticated

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Edward's life is way off track and even the privileged Rosalie Hale can't put him together. But it's when artist Bella Swan appears that the magic and challenges really happen...

Then he did. He slid his hands around me, shuffled us up the bed and lay down with me in his arms. It felt so lovely, he felt so lovely. I had to remember to breathe. We lay for a long time, my head cradled on his shoulder, my chest against his. The energy between us was like nothing I'd ever felt. I knew if either of us moved we would cross a line there'd be no going back from. 

When it came to it I was too chicken to move. I calmed myself by listening to his breathing, his heartbeat, by the feel of his soft t-shirt smooth over his firm body. 

After a while his breath deepened and he slept. I felt so damn grateful to just be there. I didn't move a hair.

 "Edward Cullen," I whispered. 

He didn't stir. 

I'm here again in a place called Edward Cullen, the sweetest place on earth. 

I guess it should be no surprise for readers of this blog that review count is not always a good indicator of quality. We all know the fandom is full of undiscovered authors, of wonderful stories that fly under the radar, and that’s what we’re here for, to find them and spread the love.

Even so, when a friend recommended I read Fairytale a few months ago, I was a bit dubious: a complete ExB story with less than 150 reviews? Surely if it was as good as she claimed it was, loads more people would have read it?

Boy, was I wrong: this story is quality, through and through. It follows a rather linear story arc, that of a fairy tale, as the name suggests: there is a low-born prince, pure of heart but unsure of his worth, there are evil witches (one of the most chillingly horrible Rosalies I’ve ever read), ice queens and dragons to slay. There is a princess, locked in a castle, guarded fiercely by a looming father figure. There is danger and a dark knight, and finally, of course there’s a sun-lit and unlikely happy-ever-after.

 However, what makes it unique, challenging and riveting is the setting and the way the characters are drawn and developed. These characters are desolate, desperate, and they find themselves in seedy, dark situations and do stupid, degrading things.

Set in a decidedly unglamorous L.A., we find Edward as a drifting, failing medical student, barely managing to scrape by, living in a dirty bedsit, until the most gorgeous girl on campus, Rosalie Hale, takes an interest in him; however, her intentions are far from honourable and soon Edward finds himself implicated in a glittery world of opulence and immorality. As he let Rosalie and her entourage use and abuse him, whatever little self-respect he had to start with slips away and he genuinely hits rock bottom.

Potential salvation comes in the way of an accidental encounter with artist Bella Swan-- fierce and brilliant, yet somehow imprisoned by an overwhelming father figure and an egomaniac, possessive boyfriend. Bella sees Edward for what he is, good, and lost, and a kindred spirit: her freedom.

Yet, before they can be together, they will have to battle seemingly insurmountable odds: drink, drugs, dirty money obtained in immoral ways, cheap sex with the wrong people in the wrong places for the wrong reasons, a travelling art show that threatens to swallow its participants, a black wedding.

This story is fast-paced, gritty, full of unexpected twists and turns, its characters flawed adults who screw up again and again. By the time our heroes finally find each other and a shiny, shared future they’ll have had to leave their whole lives behind and literally cross an ocean.

Fairytale is really well-written, with superb dialogue throughout and a fresh, exciting take on familiar characters. It is an Edward/Bella story that meanders through lots of non-canon pairings and isn’t afraid to show the least likeable side of our beloved characters; I’m guessing this is why it isn’t as popular as it should by rights be. But trust me on this one, you won’t regret reading it.

He stared at me, probably wondering what the fuck I was doing sitting two inches away from his mesmerising face. 

"You're not sure what to make of me, are you?" I said. 

I thought I must have imagined his next remark. 

"You seem like a creature from another world," he said. 

I could have said the same thing about him. 

"What world?" I asked 

"A world of dream or faerie," he answered. 

I felt as if I was looking straight through his eyes and into his heart. Everything stopped. I didn't have a thought for James or dad or Victoria or anyone. All I knew was I had to be close to him. 

Attractive as he was, I'm not even sure it was sexual. I slid my arms around him and put my head on his chest, feeling his long body against me. He was surprisingly muscular. I could imagine how he would look naked. 

I sighed and relaxed into him. I felt him lay his cheek against my hair. His limbs loosened deliciously under me. 


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  1. bronteblue said...:

    The story linked at does not seem to be the same story you reviewed. I really would like to read fairytale which you reviewed but Frog prince on ffn not so much. Can you help me understand the discripency. Thanks.

  1. IndieFicPimp said...:

    It appears that Frog Prince might have been the title to the original one shot that she must have entered a contest with. If you look to the top, it is titled Fairytale and it is the correct link :) Thanks for the comment!

  1. Boydblog said...:

    What an awesome review. I was privedged to be CandyTwi's beta. The story made me cringe and squirm, simply because of how honest it was. I loathed some characters so much and it made me feel sick with dread in some places of the story, but Domysticated is right, the writing is engaging and real and Candy weaves pure emotion and seedy darkness into everything...just like a real dark fairytale. It is a shame that fics such as these don't get the review counts to reflect their quality...but I guess this fic isnt for everyone and especially not for people who don't want to be challenged!

  1. Domysticated said...:

    Hi Bronteblue, yes the story did start as a Roseward o/s called "the Frog Prince". But fear not, it is very much a E/B story in its multichapter form!

    Both E and B make lots of mistakes before they find each other, but I hope you stick it out- it is not only a very romantic E x B love story at heart, but also so very engaging.

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