Submitted Fic of the Week: 8/8/11-8/14/11

August 11, 2011

The Mystery of You by DivineInspiration
Review by Agrutle
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary:  Mystery writer Edward Cullen stumbles upon a mystery greater than the ones he writes: Isabella Swan. Life happens as he unravels the mystery. AU/AH. Canon couples.
Edward lives in a quiet little town, Evonside Bay, and is a mystery writer and a bit of a loner. When he’s not writing he is spending time at his sister, Rosalie’s bar with his brother, Jasper. One night, after finding a way to finally off one of the characters he had been having difficulty getting rid of, he is at the bar relaxing when a petite woman comes and he can’t seem to stop watching her, so he goes to the bar to chat.

I sat down at the bar, leaving the stool with her coat between us, and ordered another beer. She was even more beautiful up close, even if she did look as stressed out as I did. She was fiddling with a cell phone and several parts, apparently not able to insert the SIM card correctly. 

"Can I give you a hand with that?" I asked, giving her my best crooked smile. 

She looked up, startled. An ocean of emotions flittered across her face, reflecting in her eyes in the most mesmerizing way. I didn't have a chance to decipher them before she tentatively returned my smile with a gorgeous one of her own and nodded her head, holding the dismembered cell phone out.

"Please. I seem to be taking it apart more than putting it back together." 

I took the parts from her. "Did you know that the inventor of cell phones can't figure out these newer models himself? They're getting so damn fancy that most people can't figure out half the crap that these fuckers can do." I realized too late that I was rambling, but she just smiled. 

"I'll be content if I am able to make a call on that one," she said as I finished putting it back together. I turned it on to see if it was working, but she ripped it out of my hand. "No! Don't turn it on. Just…don't, please." 

"Sorry, just checking to see if it works," I apologized, holding my hands up in mock surrender.

"No, I'm sorry," she said, a blush spreading across her cheeks. It was like watching the sun rise from the ocean – simply stunning. "That was rude of me. Thank you for putting it back together." 

She slid the phone into her bag and looked down at her drink. 

"So, what brings you to Evonside Bay?" I asked. It wasn't that big of a community, and I would definitely have remembered seeing this girl before. 

This time, there was no mistaking the emotion in her eyes: Fear. She bit her lip. "I…um…I'm just looking for the right place, you know?" 

After that, it gets pretty steamy. He thought they could have some fun. She introduces herself as Marie and they go to leave and proceed to kiss. Abruptly she pulls away and runs. Edward can’t get this girl out of his head, but it’s like she’s disappeared into thin air. He asks his siblings to keep an eye out for her and let him know if they see her. Two nights later, he’s back at the bar and there is an enormous man hitting on his sister and she is having none of it. Emmett McCarthy is there with his sister, Alice. They just moved to town and Alice is opening a clothing store. The funny thing is that neither Rose nor Jasper are particularly interested in either of the McCarthy siblings. Different right?? Usually it’s BAM, instant attraction, and we are in love and going to get married and have babies. Not the case here.

The day after that Edward is having a serious case of writers block, so he goes for a walk in the woods only to land face first in the dirt, having tripped over something. He finds Marie passed out with dried blood on her head. She wakes up in a bed and house she doesn’t know and finds Edward playing the piano and while he was preoccupied with that she ran. Edward runs after her and gets her to stay so that she can heal. While she stayed, she was always conscious about the fact that she didn’t need to get comfortable, and Edward soon realizes that there is more to Marie and she’s hiding something and from someone. She stays for a while and lets Edward know that her real name is Bella. One day Edward wakes up and finds Bella gone, leaving behind a note.

Thank you so much for everything you've done for me. 
I'm sorry I can't stay, and that I left the way I did. It's for the best, trust me. 
- Bella

For fuck's sake! The girl made me goddamn muffins before disappearing? 

She runs and literally runs into Alice, who promptly offers her a job in her store. Now that Bella has a job she can’t run anymore. Alice gives her clothes and Bella finds that she’s happy there and wants to stay. She’s just afraid that the past will come back to haunt her. Edward finds out that she’s still in town and they start a friendship that he hopes will eventually become more. All of gang start to have a weekly dinner at Alice's apartment, and they become a family.

So much more is going on in this story, I can’t even tell you it all, you have to go read it!! It’s amazing. The author sucks you in from chapter one. I loved each of her characters because she used similar traits that they always have, but made them different in her own way. The way DivineInspiration writes makes you feel like you’re in the story watching it. Please go check it out and leave her some love!


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