New Fic of the Week: 8/22/11

August 24, 2011

Dear Maggie by Jenny0719
Review by Agrutle

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: A heart leads Bella back home to Forks... and to the brother of the woman who donated it. M for Lemons/OOC/Language

This story starts out with Bella moving to Forks after she’s had a heart transplant. She’s searching for someone...someone that knew Maggie, her donor. Carlisle is her new doctor and tells her about a job at his son’s shop. Bella stops by and meets Edward. He is a complete ass to her, blowing smoke in her face, even though she tells him she can’t be around it. Thinking that she was just being bitchy he continued doing what he wanted, not realizing that it was for health reasons. Although Bella is dumbfounded by this person, she doesn’t let him walk all over her.

He shrugged and turned away to dig in the massive toolbox behind him, leaving me to stand there stupidly. My jaw dropped at his blatant disregard for manners, and anger pounded through me. 

"What a fucking prick," I muttered, spinning around to leave. 

I was almost to the door when another loud clattering cut through the air behind me, stopping me dead in my tracks. I craned my neck slowly around to see him, catching him as he dragged his gaze over my ass. Heat bloomed inside me so strong that for the second time in the span of only a few minutes, I lost the capability to breathe again. 

"What?" I eventually snapped, still fuming through my haze. "Like what you see? Expect me to just bend over and let you do me here?"

As much as Edward wants to, he can’t get her off of his mind. All he can think about is her in her workout gear. Edward has his own demons that he keeps hidden from everyone, even his parents. He doesn’t know her name but he knows that she’s innocent and she was off limits. He could handle it since he was leaving for medical school after the summer. This was just temporary. After Carlisle lets the cat out of the bag about her coming to see if she could get the job at the shop, Edward admits that she had been there and would be coming back to talk to Emmett, the owner.

"You are, aren't you?" 

"I am what?" 

"Taking the job." 

She nodded. "Yeah." 

"Yeah. Of course you are," I groaned angrily, shoving my hands through my hair. 

"What's that supposed to mean?" she asked, putting one hand on her hip and glowering over at me. 

"It means that I would really rather you didn't. That's all." 

Her mouth sprung open in surprise from my honesty. "God, you're rude, you know that?" 

I shrugged, causing her to let out a little screech of frustration. 

"You really don't care?" 

"Not really." 

She huffed. "Look, I want this job. Need this job. So as much as it pains me to say it, I figure if we're going to work together, I should at least try to be nice to you. But let me make something clear. If it were any other circumstance, I would introduce my kneecap to your balls right now." 

Bella is drawn to Edward and she knows why, but she hates it. She wants to get to know him but he won’t let her close. Edward is just as drawn to Bella. He can’t stand that he wants to grab her, rip her clothes off and have his way with her. He is letting his past dictate to him what he does and he doesn’t think he is good enough for her. Even though we are a mere four chapters in, I am hooked and waiting for the next chapter eagerly. I love her Edward, even if he is a jerk. Her Bella on the inside is unsure of herself but stands up for herself despite it. All of the other characters lend a balance to her story and the small amount that you get of them makes you want more. Run, read this story and leave the author some love!! I assure you, you won’t be disappointed!


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