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August 03, 2011

Restless by RandomCran
Review by Maxandmo

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Hurt/Comfort, AH
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella's monochrome existence has left her feeling apprehensive. When the circumstances of tragedy introduce her to Edward, she feels emboldened. What will happen when her life begins to intensify? AU/AH/OOC

Restless is the first story that author RandomCran has posted. The fandom is nothing new to this beta and wife of Morgan Locklear. There are three chapters posted so far, and an update is expected soon.

The first chapter begins with an unexpected phone call about a family member who has been in an accident. Bella rushes to the hospital and receives terrible news from Dr. Carlisle Cullen. She is left with feelings of guilt and regret about her relationship with this family member.

At the funeral service she meets Edward Cullen, who is not only the doctor's son, but also friends with her friend Alice's husband, Jasper.

"My name is Edward Cullen. I didn't have a chance to introduce myself before the service began."

I nodded in acknowledgement. "I'm Bella Swan. Your father treated my dad at the hospital…" I trailed off, not knowing exactly how to finish the sentence.

Recognition flashed across Edward's features and I understood that he had heard my breakdown from the other side of the door. He looked apologetic as he spoke.

"My father asked me to send his regards. He's working today, otherwise he would have attended the service with me."

"Be sure and tell him I said thank you for everything he did for Charlie. And for me."

Edward drives her home after the service and offers her a peanut butter cup. Bella holds her breath and immediately gets out of the car. He can tell something is amiss, but gets out and says goodbye asking her if he can check on her in a couple of weeks. She quickly responds and let's him know she'd appreciate that.

She wants nothing more than to throw herself into her work after her life is turned upside down by this family tragedy. Her boss and her friends won't hear of it and encourage her to take a weekend trip to Charlie's cabin. Bella is pleasantly surprised to learn that Jasper has also invited Edward to come along for the weekend.

Edward is very observant and notices that Bella hasn't eaten due to a stomach ulcer. Swearing that he has just the thing to make her feel better he makes her a peanut butter sandwich, only to learn she is incredibly allergic to peanuts. He feels terrible for offering her peanut butter twice, but also realizes that was the reason she got out of his car so quickly the day he took her home.

They take a walk and she shows him around the property. She realizes that he is a good man, and she encourages her new friend to stay for the weekend. He seems to be very good at making her forget the pain she is in.

A nightmare changes things for these new friends. The mood shifts and they realize there is much more to discover about each other.

"I'm sorry, Bella. This isn't why I came in here."

I took in a breath and raised my hand to rest my palm against his cheek, copying his movement. Edward tilted his head and leaned into me, offering instant reassurance.

"What happened in your dream?"

"I don't know, really. I was falling into darkness."

"I heard you from my room. I didn't know what was wrong but I wanted to help you."

I knew there was only one way he could help me in that moment.

"Will you stay with me?"

RandomCran's writing style is very easy to read, and the story is well written. I am interested to see where the story will go, and can't wait to see how Edward and Bella's relationship will evolve. Now is the perfect time to start reading Restless.


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    Wonderful Story and Wonderful Author! Hugs Cran
    <2 Iris

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