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August 31, 2011

Prima Nocte by Elvirina
Review by JaspersIzzy

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Emmett/Rosalie

Summary: Disarmed by a woman as crude and brash as himself, Emmett experiences a truly electrifying connection with the striking Rosalie Hale. Beauty is only skin deep and beneath the tough surface is a person of depth he never expected. This is their first night.

I usually don't care for Emmett fics, no matter the pairing. I also usually don't care for a bitchy, snide Rosalie, but a friend of mine on twitter had been talking about starting this story and sent me the link, so I checked it out.

I'm glad I did.

The prologue was very powerful. Just the few short words she used to describe future events had me hooked. Being struck by lightening, not in the physical sense, but in the metaphorical. This is what Emmett has experienced, and with Rosalie Hale nonetheless.

Emmett is a football player who, trying to be a good friend to his new acquaintance Edward, attends an event with him and his famous ex-girlfriend Rosalie. No one knows that Rosalie and Edward have broken up, and Edward is now with Bella, but he goes and “fakes” a relationship for her sake and the media.

Little does Emmett know, the spitfire that walks into his life will change him forever. Rosalie might not be as hard-ass as she comes across, and meeting Emmett might be just what she needs. As the night goes on, they learn things about each other that disarm them both and pulls them together in ways that have yet to be seen, but you can feel it growing and blossoming into something that will either be beautiful or devastating.

This story is short, only 7 chapters in so far, but the banter between Rose and Em is amazing. They honestly are the typical canon couple, but somehow Elvirina has made them unique through her breathtaking words. She's taken Rose's insecurities, along with the wall she's built around herself because of them, and given her Emmett, who has fallen hard and fast in just one night of meeting the beautiful woman who's stealing his heart. He calls her on her bullshit, and is also tender with her when she needs it.

Honestly, if Emmett and Rosalie were human in our day and time, this is exactly how I would imagine them, and it's fascinating to see these two interact. Their snark with each other is rather entertaining, but it's in the way they eventually soften to one another that makes me fall in love with them both.

This is a really good story, and I hope that those of you who love Em/Rose fics, and even those of you who don't, will give it a try. It's very well written and it has my full attention.

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