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August 10, 2011

Sexual Napalm by KlrTwiluver
Review by Les16
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Suspense, AH
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Edward Cullen's a 28 y/o billionaire who makes his fortune being a savant of sorts when it comes to world currency markets. He's firmly ensconced as Wall Street's Golden Boy when he meets his match in tigress, Bella Swan. Cosmopolis Edward. AH Lemon
Sexual Napalm is written by the very talented KlrTwiLuver who is 1/2 of TheBondGirls. The author tells us that her Edward is based very loosely on Eric Packer from Cosmopolis, but she has most definitely made him her own. If you like brash, confident ... naughty Edward, then this is the fic for you.

The first line of the story, I think, gives us quite the hint about Mr. Edward Cullen:

I don't interact with the world, it instead reacts to me. ~ Edward Cullen 

Can anyone say confident? As he should be, I suppose, seeing as how he's a 28-year-old billionaire that has taken the financial world by storm.

At twenty-eight, I've done what no one my age should do. I've commandeered the world's currency market. I own it, I control it, and I leverage it. My wealth didn't come from some strange fortune teller or crystal ball. Instead, it comes from my very being, my essence. I am the ringmaster as the world exchanges brawl in the fields of battle. 

To be honest, he's not the most likeable fellow, but his charisma leaps off the screen at you. There aren't a lot of details given out yet; KlrTwiLuver is very sparing at the pieces of information she shares with the readers so far. The writing is ripe with imagery and it flows effortlessly. You really feel like you are a part of the story, not merely reading it. I love finding a story that totally pulls you in and won't let go, and Sexual Napalm definitely does that.

Once we get our first glimpse of Edward, we find ourselves following him as he attends a black tie benefit. You know the kind, where the movers and shakers are, where the beautiful people go to see and be seen. As Edward enters, he's of course the man of the moment. Tall, good-looking, sexy … aloof, and knocked totally off his game when he spies a certain brunette across the room. He's immediately intrigued, something we find out doesn't ever happen. He's in for quite the shock, however, when the woman immediately turns the tables on him for a change.

"Let me introduce myself. In polite company I go by Bella Swan, but in hushed whispers I've been called the Man-maker." I watch as she winks and runs her little tongue across her bottom lip. I swallow, hard. "I'm a specialist at taking boys like yourself and turning them into men. I've never failed. Not once." 

Ohhh, it seems like Miss Swan has a secret or two herself. That's what makes this story so refreshing. It's impossible to tell what everyone's angles are at this point. Bella obviously knows more about Edward than she lets on. Her mother, Renée, is the wealthy widow of the founder of the charity the benefit is for. Jasper is her half-brother who from first appearances, definitely gives the impression that there might be something else going on.

I'm telling you, after only two chapters, you'll find yourself wondering what the hell is happening and waiting anxiously for the next update. Sexual Napalm has it all: mystery, complex characters, the promise of hot lemons, writing that is refreshingly original, and a plot that can go any number of directions. I have no idea where it's going to end up, but I do know I'll be along for the ride until the end. Read it now … catch up and strap in. I think it's going to be an exciting one!


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