Submitted Fic of the Week: 8/1/11-8/7/11

August 05, 2011

Come Find Me by SamRosey

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama, AH
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Alone, cold, too many rooms for one man. The black sky, lost and inviting. He can't see what's there but wants to want what's past it. She's lost and longs to be found, terrified and stuck in limbo, numb. Feel me. Come find me. AH. Edward and Isabella.

She was very upset. So upset, in fact, that she ran out of the bank crying. Out of all the people in the bank that day, only one person took notice. He took notice. He realized she dropped her ID revealing her name...Isabella Swan. He writes her a note and places her ID inside, sliding it under her door. He writes her such kind words and she realizes that somebody does notice her and does care, but who is this person is the question.

This story is written in a very different way that I've never seen before, but it fits the story perfect. It takes some getting used to but once you do, it just works. Here is a little snippet for ya...

He crosses the street instead and enters the bank, it's busy and crowded, he thinks to turn and come back later when he sees red shoes, out of the chaos of the busy lives rushing for their money to make for busy days, he can't stop looking at the red of her shoes. He follows them, shuffling, agitated. His eyes, from the floor to her knees, her curves and long hair, she is shaking her head, waving her arm, controlled and slight. But he sees it. He watches her and forgets all about his own dealings. He moves around to see her, show me your face.
No longer controlled, she feels the tears come, she can't speak to argue anymore, she gathers her things off the counter, ID, letters, purse, in her arms, gripping them like they are all she has and spins around to push her way through the long line of people that has formed.

She is walking straight for him, he sucks in a breath, her face so sad, tears of something he knows nothing about, her personal effects on display. She doesn't see him, she doesn't see anybody, she knows the bank is full but her tears, her sadness and anger blind her as she drags herself away from the line of people who witnessed her breakdown.

She brushes past him and a knocks a piece of her to the floor. He follows her with his eyes, turned around, mesmerised by her. She clumsily makes it through the rotating doors and he looks away, she's gone. No longer able to see her, he notices a card laying on the floor. He looks around, no eyes see him, free to pick it up. A lost bank card maybe, something important.

An ID. Except this girl had no tears, she has no sad look of a person lost. She is beautiful, ruby lips and brown eyes.


So, go check out Come Find Me! You won’t regret it.


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