Writer Submitted Fic: 5/16 - 5/22

May 22, 2011

Sometimes by Pingvingirl
Review by Dragonfly336

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Sometimes things don't happen the way they should. And sometimes the things you'd swear are meant to be don't happen at all. AH/AU

Sometimes things don't happen the way they should. And sometimes the things you'd swear are meant to be don't happen at all.

This is the opening line to Sometimes by Pingvingirl. We first meet Bella in a hotel in Seattle, enjoying a day of solitude before she has to go home to Forks for the holidays. She has been in NY working for the parent company of the magazine she works for, Pacific NW. She revels in her solitude in the restaurant.

And so she didn't notice the man watching her as she chomped happily on her bear claw. She didn't see his eyebrows lift as he looked at her, hadn't noticed him push his messy bronze hair back as he stared, almost in amusement as she poured the coffee into her cup with inexplicable delight. She was far too busy feeling pleased with herself. If her hands had been free, she'd almost have been tempted to clap like a performing seal.

We are soon introduced to Edward as he offers to pay for Bella’s pastry. She is reluctant at first but when Edward knows her name, she relents. Bella moved to Forks at the end of her senior year but, unlike Twilight, she wasn’t acquainted with the Cullen’s.

She didn't know why he bothered to add that, even if he did know they'd graduated in the same year. He probably was aware of that- there were no secrets in Forks and every piece of gossip- especially one as juicy as the daughter of the Chief of Police suddenly arriving for the end of her senior year hadn't passed anyone by. But she nodded anyway, blushing as she tried to remember if she'd ever even spoken to Alice. Probably not- it had been easier to agree with Jessica when she'd said Alice was really weird- and there had definitely been something creepy about her boyfriend, Jasper. She knew Edward existed, but she knew she'd never met him. She'd remember if she had.

Edward is a photographer and is at the hotel because he walked in on his girlfriend cheating on him. He’s biding his time for her to pack her stuff and move out. Seeing as they are both alone, Edward invites Bella for dinner where they decide to drive to Forks together the next day.  As Edward drops Bella off, we find out that Bella has a boyfriend, Jacob, whom she failed to mention to Edward. Although, it appears that their relationship isn’t perfect in Bella's eyes.

Jacob barely waited until the door was closed before he pulled her back into his arms, back into the too-hot, smothering embrace. This time he let her retreat just enough that he could kiss her, though that felt forced and awkward too. Maybe that was to be expected after ten weeks apart, she thought as she tried to respond to him. Or maybe the absence meant that she should have been ready to throw herself into his arms and not let go.

She is confused, because it seems that she had feelings that Edward has evoked in her that she can’t exactly pinpoint.

As for the blushing and the weird reaction to him- maybe it was some kind of holiday virus. Something she'd picked up from the re-circulated air on her flight from New York. Or- since she had to concede it had mostly manifested itself around Edward- maybe it had been an allergy of some kind after all. Or maybe it was just plain exhaustion.

This story is told in the third person POV, which is very difficult to get right. Pingvingirl does get it right though. The story flows well and it is nice to get the back and forth of what they are thinking, without switching POV’s. She also brings elements in from Twilight but reshapes them to fit an AH story. So the ultimate question is, will the boy get the girl? Well, you will have to come and find out. At just 11 chapters in, now is the perfect time to start!


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