Writer Submitted Fic: 5/23 - 5/29

May 26, 2011

Isabella Swan by verucasin
Review by anonymouslysufferingfromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama, AH
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: All Human. OOC. A model striving to reach a goal that was once her mother's. A young prodigy that has everything and is unwilling for change to happen. The attraction is there. Will it be enough

This week’s author submitted fic, starts off with our favorite couple in bed together. Never a bad thing in my book.

Bella is a model and college student that is following her mother’s dream. She hasn’t had the easiest life. Her mother is gone and Bella and her half sister Rosalie have a very estranged relationship with their father Charlie.

Edward is the rich and youngest son of the socially elite Cullen’s. He has been born and bred to take over as CEO of the family’s very lucrative company, and there are many expectations set that he needs to live up to. Problem is, Carlisle does not approve of his son’s choice of girl friend.

After overhearing an argument between Edward and Carlisle about Edward’s poor choice in women, and not hearing any real defense of herself from Edward, Bella ends their relationship.

"And don't you think she's with you because you're a Cullen?" he asked, and I gasped at the worst of his insults.

He thought I was after their money. That shit was fucking funny. I would even have laughed with him on that one, if only those words he uttered didn't cut through me like shattered glass. I didn't even know who he was when I had that one-night stand with Edward a couple of months ago. That he was a Cullen or that the Cullen's were scions of a multi-billion dollar empire was lost on me, and frankly speaking I didn't really care.

"Isabella earns her own money." I heard Edward say, but his voice had a different edge to it, one that I couldn't quite figure out. But what was clear to me was the doubt he was clearly having already. My heart broke because it felt like he was betraying me with his father.

"What, 10 million a year? Less?" Carlisle mocked in a voice that I was really starting to hate. "Edward, that amount is just the cost that we spend on our combined birthdays. Don't you see, she could most likely be just after your money."

I wanted to barge in and confront him or slap his face for insinuating I was a gold digger; but I stayed put, trying to rein in my anger. I waited for Edward to say something but he didn't, there was only silence.

Oh my god, he truly believes him!

After several months, Edward finally realizes what he feels for Bella is more than just lust and he can’t live with out her. He starts on a plan to win her back but Bella doesn’t make it too easy on him. Of course, he also has to fight his family on this which, the Carlisle in this story may be one of the most stubborn I have ever encountered.

"I fucked up," he said regretfully. "I shouldn't have let you go."

I closed my eyes, relishing in his words because this was what I wanted to hear from him. Now that he said it, however, I knew it wasn't enough anymore. They were just words, and because it was from him, they were without merit. There was nothing in his actions these past few months that said he meant any of those sweet things he said to me when we were still dating.

"I'm sorry I hurt you." His voice was hoarse, and I almost felt sorry for him—almost, but not quite.

"Edward," I started. "I can't do this again." I was waving my finger between us. I wasn't willing to give us another try, not before he was sure what he really wanted and could stand up to that decision.

His hand on my wrist tightened and his expression changed. My jumbled nerves didn't allow me to ponder about him or his feelings further, but I was aware that I had hurt him in some way with what I said. The funny thing was I knew he didn't need me. He was Edward Cullen. He needed no one but himself. I was a chase, a bunny to catch on the hunt, the one that got away, and he needed to prove he could and would get whatever he wanted.

"Bella," he muttered. "I know I'm a fucking asshole…"

"No, you're a spoiled rich prick," I quickly added, interrupting him. His lips pursed before his jaw clenched.

"Yes," he agreed reluctantly. "I'm going to change. I'm going to try." His expression was pleading, and I wanted to give in. "Give me a chance. You have to!" He was still holding my wrist and his grip was getting painful.

"No," I said determined. I loved him the way he was, but I needed for him to prove he wanted me just the way I was, and not the way his father or the rest of his family wanted me to be.

The story is 18 chapters in with a predicted 3-4 left, Bella struggles with a lot in this story and Edward really does help her through it. The dynamic between Rose and Bella is a fierce protectiveness, and Charlie is different then you would ever expect of him and even Esme will surprise you a few times. While the story is pretty heavy at times, Emmett adds his usual humor when we need it. The story is dubbed, Romance/Drama, and while the drama is there, I wouldn’t classify it as angst. I am sure that there is a HEA for everyone involved, and I think that Edward and Bella are well on the way there now.


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