WIP of the Week: 5/2 - 5/8

May 02, 2011
Seeing Bella by sherryola
Review by Les16

Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Alice has a vision of a girl with no vision. She will either save Edward from his life of lonely brooding, or she will destroy him with his destruction of her. Can Bella discover the Cullen family secret if she can't see? Canon vamps and couples. AU

I was so excited when I got to choose a story to rec for this week! I've been reading Seeing Bella almost since the beginning and I fall in love with it more after every chapter sherryola posts. It's so well-written, so full of beautiful imagery, and it will seriously melt your heart it's so sweet.

Let's face it, we all love SM's Twilight. If we didn't we sure wouldn't love this fandom as much as we do, but we can also all admit that there were a few things...and maybe more than a few if we're honest, that we wish SM would have done differently. If you're like me, some of Bella's personality traits and especially those of our favorite vampire were a tad...annoying. In Seeing Bella, sherryola has managed to take all the best parts of every character and tweak them so that you will love them even more. Her story is a re-telling of Twilight with some fabulous twists and turns along the way.

You see, in Seeing Bella, Bella is blind, but don't let that fool you. She is as strong and independent as she can be and it is such a refreshing change. There are subtle differences between sherryola's characters and SM's, but they make all the difference in the world. Edward is still protective and worries about his mate, but they talk things through. With Bella being blind, you would think he would be even more overprotective, but he's not. The dynamics between all the characters has been changed and tweaked in such a way that everything just flows and blends together so well.

"Anyway, I guess my biggest objection to you becoming a vampire is that history. Bella, I don't want you to feel that bloodlust. I don't want you to have to live with the anguish of taking a human life, if you were to slip."

"But I have all of you," she said, "None of you would let me do anything to hurt another person or anything that could cause me such guilt and pain, particularly not you. I know you'd keep me safe, even from myself."
"I promise you I would keep you safe."

"I realize nothing can happen right now," she said, "We shouldn't do anything till after I graduate from high school, but I hope we can continue to discuss it. Charlie would expect me to leave after high school, go to college and all, so it would be a good time for my change, if we decide to do it."

"Of course we will continue to discuss it," he said, "We can make the decision together and plan for it, if you decide you want this life. Ultimately, the decision is mostly up to you, as it's your life, your human life, you would be giving up."

All the characters we know and love are on full display in Seeing Bella, and sherryola has truly made them her own. The canon characteristics we are all so familiar with are present and accounted for, but Sherry has done a masterful job making them...better.

There is enough drama, because we are talking about a very human Bella here, to keep the reader wanting more. James, Victoria, and Laurent all make an appearance, as do the wolves. Bella goes to Port Angeles with Jessica and Angela, but what happens is different than in the original Twilight. Jake is…Jake, but he’s different as well. Bella being blind makes the entire story dynamic different and it’s so interesting to read about Bella navigating her world while being immersed in the world of vampires and shape-shifters.

Had James sent one of his coven to the other door? She dropped to the floor, wrapping her arms around her body, trying to make herself small and invisible. It wasn't rational, but she was acting on instinct, out of pure fear. She huddled on the floor, crying.

"Shhhh, it's me, Bellarina," she heard Emmett's voice say, "I'm here to get you away."

He swooped her up into his arms and ran out of the house.

"You're ok now," he soothed her, "You're ok; you're safe."

Bella clung to him.

"Emmett, thank you," she sobbed, "But, what about the others? Is Edward-?"

She stopped. She couldn't ask. She couldn't think about anything possibly happening to Edward, or to any of the others.

Rose rushed up to them.

"They're ok, Bella," she tried to reassure her, "Edward distracted James, so Emmett could get you out of the house. Don't worry. We're taking you back to our house till it's over."

"No, I want to go back," Bella struggled against Emmett's hold, "They might need you both to help them. Please, I've got to know what's happening!"

I can't say enough about this story, but I can't give you any details either without giving all her surprises away. Seeing Bella is a light, sweet story perfect for when you've had a bad day, need a pick me up, or just simply want to read a well-written, totally-engaging story! Give Seeing Bella a try. I promise you won't be sorry!!


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