Brand New Fic of the Week: 5/2 - 5/8

May 04, 2011

il Sensale by Kassiah
Review by Obsmama

Rating: M
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: When the prophecy of war reaches the cusp of reality, Alice and Edward enlist to join the Volturi Guard. His priorities shift when he meets his Match. What do you do when the person that was made for you belongs to someone else? AU M for lang & vampsex

il Sensale is the brand new, intriguing story from Kassiah. She is creating a whole new world in this AU Vamp story. Vampires are at war and Edward is fighting for his sister Alice’s freedom, from a cause she herself is dedicated to. The story opens with a glimpse of the price Edward is willing to pay to see his sisters future secure and free from the grasp of the Volturi.

"So we have an arrangement?"

Pressing his hands together, he circled me like the predator he was—the predator we all were. Thoughts full of appraisals and devious plans flew through his mind so quickly I could barely register them. Then again, it was understandable; he was trying to keep me out.

No matter though. I heard them all as if I were the one making them.

"Your terms," he murmured in a low tone, his calculating gaze flashing to mine. "Repeat them."

He knew the terms. He also knew he was going to accept them—that much was readily available to me in his mind. He just wanted to force me to explain again, to show that he was the one in control. There was no need—we both already knew that.

"In exchange for my sister's freedom, I will agree to…" I paused, thinking of the most diplomatic word to use in this situation. "…observe the other contestants and report my findings back to you."

Edward is entering a war that he does not believe in and fears the worse. Alice is dedicated to the cause and feels that this is her destiny. The story is two chapters in and I, as a reader, am CAPTIVATED. The sense of devotion he feels to her is overwhelming and the fire in this Alice is refreshing. It seems their canon abilities are intact and make them very, very intriguing to Aro; so much so that he agrees to Edward’s terms but at what cost? Come immerse yourself in this spectacular interactive world that Kassiah is creating one chapter at a time.


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