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May 09, 2011

Breach by Catastrophia
Review by Obsmama

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Overworked lawyer Bella Swan gets help in the form of new hire lawyer Edward Cullen. Weber & Weber has a strict non fraternization policy. What Weber & Weber doesn't know won't hurt them. Rated M for some hot hard Lemons and language. AU/AH

Have you ever been told not to touch something and then all you wanted to do was touch it? Well so have Bella and Edward in the story Breach by Catastrohia. The thing they have been told not to touch is one another. So what do two smart lawyers do when the firm they work for has a strict non fraternization policy?

He was a cocky son of a bitch a lot of the time. I eyed him sideways, trying not to give myself away. After most people had left he had taken his suit jacket off, loosened his tie, popped the top buttons of his shirt open, and rolled up the sleeves. Why, oh why, did he have to look like that just feet away from me?

"With all of the times you have said 'fuck' tonight I think I know what you really want, what you need."

"Oh really? What is it that I need?" I asked, getting more pissed off and turned on at the same time. That couldn't be good.

"Cock. You need a fucking hard cock in your pussy."

Holy. Fuck. Did he just say what I think he just said? Sure did. My eyes were wide as my jaw dropped.

"Oh, and you are an expert on what my pussy needs?"

"Yes. And it fucking needs a cock in it."

"And what makes you think this?" I tried to keep my voice steady, but it wasn't working. He was right.

"I can tell."

"Well, fucking finish so I can go home and get off with Bob. He might not be flesh and blood, but he gets the job done."

His eyes darkened as I gave him the vision of me playing with my pussy and shoving a vibrating dildo in and out. Hell, the image was turning me on.

I didn't quite remember how we got here, but in a split second we went from arguing to me being pushed up against the wall. His hands pinned my arms to the hard surface and a shuddered breath escaped me. I licked my lips, my body lighting up at his aggressiveness. I watched his eyes darken before his face moved next to mine.

"Does that turn you on?" he whispered in my ear, his lips tracing the shell. I resisted the urge to turn my head in order to find his lips. I desperately wanted to. To feel them against mine, to taste him. Mmm, all of the ways I wanted to taste him. My body betrayed me, bowing into his.

"My, my, aren't you a naughty girl panting for it. Tell me, Isabella, are you a dirty whore that likes to be fucked?" he asked, his voice was deeper and slightly rough, sending tingles throughout my body. I would fuck him in our office. I would do whatever he wanted if he would just touch me. I wanted him. I needed him to take me and something inside told me he was up to the task. He could bring me the pleasure I could never find with anyone else.
His hips rocked forward pushing his rock hard cock into my stomach. My body was on fire. I couldn't think, I couldn't speak. How was he doing this to me?

"Answer me," he demanded, his hands swiftly pulling my arms above my head. "Are you a dirty whore that likes to be fucked?"

I sucked in a ragged breath. "Yes," I whispered.

This is a wonderful example of the push and pull, the fighting of desire and the ultimate battle of wills that you find in these characters. The author is quick on her feet and delivers lemons that I have never seen in fic before. The anger, the need and the sheer desperation roll off the screen. This story is not for the faint of heart, it deals with some serious sexual situations but everything is integral to the story line. This is a great example of a smutty story delivering an intriguing plot. I am captivated at what has brought these characters to the place in their life that has broken them so much. I also can see the love that is building between them and at the core this is a story of redemption and healing. Only nine chapters in so far and we are beginning the journey to love. Will all the hiding and hurt be worth it in the end? I can’t wait to find out!

Why was he punishing? He was punishing me for attracting him and letting him do what he wanted to me. Punishing himself for wanting me and doing what he wanted to do to me. Punishing us for our breach.


  1. chrisann said...:

    This story is worth the read!! It is hot and intense!! It is unfolding beautifully and I am hooked!!

  1. Dolly said...:

    This Edward is just so complex, you know that there is a deep story behind his facade and you just are dying for Catastrophia to keep peeling his layers away.

  1. unnaturalnight said...:

    It is truly captivating and hypnotically addictive if that even makes sense, the story is obviously very deep and we have only touched the tip of the iceberg so far, the sex is unf! hard and erotic. Its a great fic to escape into and forget the world :)Breachward already owns me and will continue to xx

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