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May 17, 2011

My Brother's Wife by mostly a lurker
Review by AnonymouslySufferingfromOCD

Rating: M
Genre: Tragedy/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Homesteading on the prairie in 1864 is austere, beautiful, and deadly. Can Edward and Bella survive the hardships and flourish? AU/AH EPOV Originally an entry in the Age of Edward contest, now revised and expanded.

My Brother’s Wife is a short 3 chapter story about Edward, mostly, and the trials he faces after moving his family West. The story begins with Edward married to pregnant Alice, they have already have 3 children, Bea, Mattie and Sam. After tragedy strikes and they lose Bea to an accident, Alice and Sam become ill and don’t survive. Losing the love of his life and his children has been hard on Edward. He and 9 year old Mattie make a visit to his brother’s land only to find that his brother Emmett, and 3 of his children dead also.

After making a promise to Emmett that if anything ever happened to him he would take care of his wife Bella and their children, Edward immediately feels responsible for them. Unfortunately mix that with a very stubborn Bella who has always clashed with Edward and you have a whole lot of frustration.

"I know, Bella," I said in a voice meant to calm her. "I've wanted to talk to you about that very thing. If we're going to survive this winter, we have to work together."

"We don't need your help. We can do just fine on our own, thank you very much."

"That's not what I was saying..."

"I don't want to hear it. I've said my piece and I'm going home. You are not welcome on our property."

"But, Bella, I promised Emmett..."

"Don't you ever speak his name to me again. Do you hear me? I've had to put up with you all these years because you were his brother, but now he's gone and I don't ever want to see your face darken my door. Goodbye, Edward." She whirled and started back the direction she'd come.

"But, Bella..."

She whirled back and glared at me fiercely. "Goodbye, Edward," she hissed, and left me standing there on my own with my mouth open.

Emmett, need your help here. She's your wife. I know I promised, but she's forbidden my help. What do you want me to do now?

In answer, the heavens opened up and rain spilled from the sky.

After several months Thomas, Bella’s equally stubborn but very loyal son seeks out his Uncle Edward in order to help his sick mother, who has been refusing his help.

Edward and Thomas journey in the snow to save Bella and bring her back to Edward’s home where he and Mattie can take care of her better.

This story provides us a look at a very unique Bella; she is a very proud, very stubborn woman who is very angry that her husband has left her alone. She was very deeply in love with Emmett and it takes her time to come to terms with his death, hoping at one point to die herself.

Edward however is a bit more timid then we are used to seeing him, he too has a stubborn streak and eventually has to out stubborn our fair Bella.

"You have caused me to lose my temper and shout at my daughter. Get back in bed. This minute!"
"And if I don't?"

"I will put you there forcibly."

"You would hold me here against my will."

"I would, and I will," I said moving towards where she stood against the wall, clinging to my coat. Thomas came in the door at that moment.

"Thomas. We're leaving. Right now. Help me." She reached for him, but before she could touch him, I bent forward, grasped her waist, and threw her over my shoulder. I turned and bypassed the cot by the hearth, carrying her to my bed in the corner. I threw her down on the corn husk mattress none too gently. Her eyes blazed into mine with defiance and surprising strength. She moved as if to rise again, and I held her down by her shoulder.

"Thomas, bring me the rope, son."

While the story is dubbed Tragedy/Romance, mostly a lurker does a good job at throwing in a few humorous parts here and there, as well as some flashbacks, that help us to better understand the way things are/were. My Brother’s Wife, does give us a HEA, once our Bella and Edward both get their stubbornness under control we see them become the couple we all know and love.


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