Writer Submitted Fic: 12/6-12/12

December 09, 2010

Surrendered by eviekinz
Reviewed by marriedmyedward
*This story is no longer available*
Rating: M
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Most of my pleasure comes from controlling them, not f**king them. Edward Cullen should be no exception to this rule. And yet, I can't stop thinking about him." Will Bella get control over Edward? Will Edward submit to her desires? D/S

After reading the description for this story, I knew it was going to be a dom/sub type story, but wasn't really sure how it would play out. Would it have the feel of Masters of the Universe, having that dark 50 Shades of fucked up feel, or would it be something completely different? Well, now that I've read this story, I can say that it is very different and has an original outlook from other BDSM stories I have read.

The story starts out with a description of Bella and telling us how her life was growing up. She was pretty much a loner in high school and the true Bella doesn't really show until she hits college, when she discovers boys and sex. She always felt like she wanted more or was missing something in life. Then this...

Yes, college had been an extremely eye-opening experience for Bella Swan. She never imagined the sexual freedom to be had on a college campus, and the flagrant willingness of her peers to try new things. Bella had many sexual partners during her college years, but she never found them to be gratifying. Something was always missing.

It wasn't until a rendezvous her senior year that she found what was, perhaps, the missing link. The anonymous lover had spanked Bella and spoke demoralizing words to her during their session. But, it wasn't the fact of Bella being treated in such a manner that spurred her on. No, it was the thought of doing those things to another that lit the flames deep inside her.

So, she finishes her studies majoring in child behavior and ends up having a client named Alice. It turns out that Alice has an older brother that just came back to town and happened to drop her off to her appointment one day. Edward rubbed Bella the wrong way (uh...no pun intended) dropping Alice off that morning and that leads to Bella giving him a nickname. Later that night, Bella goes to a club to see if she can hook up with anybody, which to her surprise and by total accident, runs into Edward, who again, rubs her the wrong way, (this time...pun may be intended) and decides that she would like to teach the RPS (Rude Piece of Shit) a thing or two about woman.

"Edward?" I say, pretending I'm unsure of myself. "Can I ask you something?"

"Sure, baby, whatever you want," he says as he continues to kiss down my neck and moves his hands to my tits.

"I've never done this before…"

What? I haven't. I've never brought someone back here with the sole intention of humiliating them.

"And I kind of wanted to try something."

The fucker isn't even listening to me. "Can I… oh gosh, I don't know how to ask this… can we, um… tie each other up?" His head jerks up.

Ahhh, he heard that.

What happens next you ask? Well...I think you should read it and find out! Let’s just say you won’t be disappointed if you do. So go enjoy!


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