Brand New Fic of the Week: 12/6-12/12

December 08, 2010

Interview with the Vampwhore by SnowWhiteHeart
Reviewed by RaeCullen

Rating: M
Genre: Humor/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella Swan's best friends are determined to get her laid- poor girl needs to loosen up. Vampire Edward Cullen has been a *very* bad boy, and is now paying the price. Warning: very silly. M for so many reasons

When Lori asked if I could review this brand spankin’ new, silly story I readily agreed because the summary instantly grabbed me and had me arching my eyebrow in curiosity. Vampward as a male prostitute? Oh hell yeah I’m definitely intrigued.

So far, it appears Edward has gotten himself into a bit of trouble with our favorite villain, Aro Volturi. So instead of being executed, as we all know is the typical Volturi way, Edward has made a deal – he owes Aro 100 years of servitude at his ‘hen house’, The Pointed Aro, as a sex slave/prostitute/male whore – whatever you want to call him.

So then, of course, there is our lovely Bella, whose friends decide she needs to loosen up so they pay for her to get a “massage” – which of course is not what it’s going to be at all. She just doesn’t know it yet. Just wait till you see what SnowWhiteHeart has done with the girl we love to hate, Ms. Jessica Stanley (*gigglesnort* Oh just wait).

Interview with the Vampwhore is only two chapters in but is full of promise of hilarious and silly scenes. I’m definitely excited to see where she goes next. Our favorite twosome has yet to meet, but I can almost guarantee it’s going to be interesting and hilarious.

If you’re looking for something silly and fun you should definitely give Interview with the Vampwhore a read!

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