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December 16, 2010

Always Leads Back To You by Dinx
Review by Maxandmo

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Do you believe that 2 people can be made for each other? Bella and Edward tried dating in their teens and again in their 20's, but couldn't get it right. Will fate bring them together again in their 30's? Will they have a chance at a future... together?

This fic starts out with Edward and Bella in the 11th grade, told in Bella's point of view. She is new to the school and Edward is the hot bad boy. He takes notice of her and they start to date. She isn't thrilled by his choice of a best friend, Royce. Edward has loyalty to Royce and it irritates Bella. Their relationship progresses and Bella is ready to take it to the next level; Edward not so much. Royce is bad news, yet Edward refuses to abandon his friend. They get into some trouble and Edward goes away to boarding school leaving Bella in despair.

My brain was on a constant replay of everything that Edward and I had done, remembering everything that he'd ever said. I kept telling myself that he was real, that what I felt for him was real, but he was slipping away. As time progressed, he was fading, I was fading. I was alive, but I wasn't living.

The story jumps six years to find a more mature and responsible Edward. The writer does a great job remaking the characters older. It flows smoothly and leaves you wondering how Bella and Edward will react to each other. This part is told in Edward's point of view.

At a chance meeting they are surprised to see one another. Edward is hell bent on earning her trust back, and Bella is hesitant. She plays it cool leading the readers to wonder how long she can keep it up, or if she really is that blasé about him. What begins with a date, turns into random visits from Bella leading Edward to be confused about her feelings and intentions. He knows what he wants, does Bella?

This is a well written story by a very responsive author. She responds to reviews and is active on Twitter. Her grammar is impeccable and her writing is flawless. You will love Always Leads Back to You!


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