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December 14, 2010

Swear Not by the Moon by hmonster4
Reviewed by Bellalove72
*This story is no longer available* 

Rating: M
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: For every action there is an equal and equal & opposite reaction. His goodbye was meant to protect her, not bring about her destruction. Twilight AU.

If you know anything at all about hmonster4, it’s that she’s retired from writing Edward and Bella centered fics and has moved on to explore other character pairings. However, she came out of her ExB retirement to write a couple of novella’s for the FGB. One such novella is Swear Not By The Moon, and I for one am glad she did it!

March 12, 2005


By the time you read this, I'll be far away. I know that this is going to seem abrupt, especially after the past few days and all that we've shared, but it is truly for the best. There are events unfolding which, if I leave now, I can stop. This is the sacrifice I make to protect you, and I would do it a thousand times over to know that you are free from harm.

You will never know how much it pains me to leave you. For decades, I've moved through life, learning, but never stretching or growing. I speak six languages fluently. I went to medical school countless times. I've seen every major city in the world, and they all pale in comparison to the time I've spent with you. I shall carry my memories of our time together with me forever.

Please be safe, and know that wherever you are, you are in my heart.

Instead of leaving Bella in New Moon, Edward leaves her during Twilight, the day before they would have gone to the meadow for the first time. You know how we all wondered why Alice never saw Bella being hunted by James in Twilight? Well, in hmonster4’s version, Alice actually did have visions of Bella being hunted and tortured by a vampire. And because of that, Edward decides the only way to keep her safe is for all of the Cullen’s to leave Forks. But he doesn’t lie to Bella and he doesn’t just disappear. There’s no leaving Bella alone in the woods and no pathetic, “You don’t want me?’s” Nope, none of that. As you just read above, Edward leaves Bella a note explaining that the Cullen’s are leaving to protect her.

Cut to five years later, Bella is a successful college student who just finished taking her last exam, thus ending her undergraduate career; ready to start the next chapter of her life. With a degree in Cultural Anthropology, Bella has written her senior thesis on the legends of the Quileute Tribe and plans on working at Burke Natural History Museum, helping the curator update some of their Native American exhibits for a year, before applying to grad schools.

Upon returning to her apartment and greeting, Heathcliff, the ghost she believes resides with her; (hmmm…) she finds an envelope that had been slipped under her door. Even after five years she immediately recognizes the elegant script and opens the envelope…

Dropping down on the floor, her legs folding underneath her, Bella hastily rips the envelope wide as she rushes to get to the message inside. There is a card, heavy, like a wedding invitation. A small gold key is taped to the bottom left corner, but she doesn't pay attention to that. All she can see is his writing.

“…I know it is not in your nature, for you are a fighter, but it's time to run. If you refuse to run, you will be dead by the end of this week. This is not said to scare you. It's true; people are already on their way to Seattle. You must move, now.

Take the key attached to this message, and go to your post office. The box number is the last day I saw you, a day I carry with me like a talisman. The box holds more instructions as well as other things you need. Follow those instructions to the letter, do not deviate or our plans will not work. Before you leave your apartment, pack all the cash you have, any medications, and a change of clothes. Take the battery out of your cell phone and leave it in your apartment. Don't think, act. You don't have much time.”

And thus the course of Bella Swan’s life is changed forever. But what was the moment that set it all in motion? Follow Bella as she goes step by step into finding out who wants to kill her and why. Who are all the players involved in trying to save her? What past event in her life actually caused the reaction of her being on the run for her life, and what does she learn about herself and Edward along the way?

Hmonster4’s incredible gift of being a talented author definitely shines through in Swear Not By the Moon. How she can cram mystery, adventure, romance, suspense, and character development into only six chapters and 26,000+ words is a true testament to her talent! Go read Swear Not By The Moon! You’ll love it!

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