MandaLyn's Rec of the Week: 11/29-12/5

November 30, 2010

Five Seconds to Death by lifelesslyndsey
Reviewed by MandaLyn

Rating: M
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Humor
Characters: Jasper/Peter/Bella

Summary: She was suppose to be his, but he'd never be hers. When there is no where left to run, Jasper turns to the last hope he has, Peter. It can never be her, when it's always been him. Or can it? Confliction.Denial. And a curious newborn Bella. *SLASH* JxPxB

If you've been around Twilight fanfiction for any length of time, you have most likely run across something by the witty and blunt author, lifelesslyndsey, before. If you haven't, I can heartily recommend anything on her list of seventeen stories, but this newest one, Five Seconds To Death, has really taken the cake. The story follows up on a small teaser of a one-shot she wrote in April called Mouth. Mouth is the exciting recounting of a quick, forbidden kiss between Jasper and Bella that leaves the reader begging for more. Five Seconds To Death, currently at five chapters and still going, is making good on that unspoken promise for more and going to some amazing new places.

Five Seconds To Death begins in that critical moment of New Moon, the one Alice should have seen coming but didn't. Bella slices open her finger and the blood lust fills the Cullen living room. Then, instead of allowing the others to drag him away, Jasper does exactly what Bella's emotions beg him for, the life she was meant to have through his venom. Following her desires and his instincts means their lives are about to change in ways neither could have seen coming as Jasper is forced to face his past and his true mate that he left behind.

Lifelesslyndsey's typically wonderful humor and her constantly amazing descriptions of Peter will keep you on the edge of seat, and begging for more, as what has come and gone, comes around again and must be dealt with. This story is rated M with warnings for slash, as the story is listed as a JasperxPeterxBella story. So please keep that in mind and be sure you're interested in this type of thing before you begin. She makes no apologies, and neither should she. This is a thrilling story that I am dying to see continue! Sexy, exciting, beautiful, thrilling... this fic has it all! Enjoy!


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