RaeCullen's Rec of the Week: 11/29-12/5

November 29, 2010

A Room With A View by ShortHappyLife

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Endless scripts to read, a tyrant boss to tolerate, and a rather lackluster personal life. It was a good thing Bella Swan's office provided the perfect view of the building's hotshot lawyer. Now if only they'd share more than a glance each day. E/B

I’ve been on a search for a fic that makes me giggle, grin and flail around like an idiot for quite some time. I wanted something sweet and genuine; something that would help me fall in love with Edward and Bella again. I’d all but given up when I stumbled upon A Room with a View. From the moment I started reading I knew I hit the jackpot. It literally has EVERYTHING I’ve been searching for (sweet, funny, snarky, adorable). Not a chapter has gone by where I haven’t been giggling so much I’m practically squealing and smiling so hard my cheeks hurt.

A Room with a View is entirely BPOV, and I have to say this might be my favorite Bella EVER. Her internal monologue has me snickering and laughing. I wanna be this Bella when I grow up!

I was nervous. I do not get nervous. Actually, that's not true; I get nervous when I have to speak in public, and when I'm in a really crowded elevator, and when I'm driving on a tall bridge and it shakes because a big truck or something drives across it at the same time. That freaks me out. Yeah, I'm afraid of bridges. Shut up. It's a legitimate fear called gephyrophobia. You can google it.


I just wanted to lick him. I refrained. Outwardly, at least. In my head I was treating his stubbly jaw like a lollipop.


Did I seriously fall back asleep while Edward was naked in the shower? What the hell Bella? Priorities woman. You can sleep when you're dead.

See what I mean? Bella is awesome.

This story has a wonderful cast of characters that are well developed and I love seeing Bella’s take on them. Aro – her incredibly anal and eccentric boss will have you laughing and raging at him all at once. Her co-workers, Kate and Garrett, add a wonderful dynamic to her working environment. Then of course there is Jasper and Alice – and this time its Jasper who is Bella’s BFF and I gotta say, I love it! They are hilarious together.

Jasper appeared at my side. "Hey, Edward."

They did the little handshake half-hug that is taught in the guy code handbook. They had one, too; I was sure.

"Hey, man." He turned to me then. "So Jasper called me hot lawyer man?"

I rolled my eyes. "Oh my gosh, you're obsessed. I'm going to put these in water," I gestured to the flowers.

I moved toward the kitchen while Edward came in and took off his suit jacket.

Jasper snickered, "I'm pretty sure she even has you in her phone as 'Hot Lawyer Man.'"

"You suck, Jasper, you know that? You're no longer my best friend. I'm demoting you."

Honestly, why did I keep him around? Next time I saw Alice I was telling her that he doesn't really have a lumpy pillow; he just keeps his baby blanket shoved under the pillowcase.

Then of course there is Edward, a.k.a. Hot Lawyer Man, (insert huge fucking swoonhere). Usually lawyers are arrogant little fucks, but not this Edward. He’s confident, but has a shy undertone when it comes to Bella that is so completely adorable and sweet it makes me flail around like a fool and want to put Edward in my pocket and keep him forever.

Eventually I gathered myself and gestured to the office behind him, "Well, uh, I'm just there, so…"

"Oh! Right." He scratched at the back of his neck as he stepped aside, gesturing me to my office with an outstretched arm.

I gave him a small smile as I moved past him and he turned to continue down the hall.

He only made it two steps before he swung around again.

I was standing in the same spot he'd left me because I had been lingering in hopes of catching a glimpse of his ass as he walked away (okay, so I might be an ass girl, too. Sue me. That way I can hire Mr. Kissable Lips as my lawyer).

"I'm Edward," he blurted out and then blushed at his outburst.

I smirked, hoping a little swagger would draw attention away from the fact that I was blushing at my earlier thoughts about his ass, "Bella."

"Maybe I'll see you around."

I nodded, "Probably tomorrow." I gestured back to my office, acknowledging the fact that we 'saw' each other every day.

He scratched at the back of his neck again, "Right."

He looked like he wanted to say more but instead spun on his heel and continued down the hall. And indeed his ass was very cute.

So go on and read this story now! Hurry! Run! You won’t be disappointed. That I am positive of.


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