Writer Submitted Fic: 11/15-11/21

November 18, 2010

Composition of Love by trueloveph28
Reviewed by Agrutle

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella and Edward meet in college and fall in love. Circumstances separate them, but their love for each other never dies. What happens when they're reunited? Will true love win? Or have time, space, and new relationships consumed them? AH/OOC

My mind ran through all of our memories together. How we met, our first kiss, the first time we made love…it was all still so clear. I tried, unsuccessfully, to push back the one memory I couldn't bear to think about. The day we broke up. My heart clenched painfully at the thought. I closed my eyes for a minute, trying to reign in the sadness I still felt to that very day.

And then I heard it.


My eyes shot open and I looked up. As soon as emerald green eyes met chocolate brown ones, everything disappeared. The hurt, the loss, hell the last five years all together. Gone with one look.

"Edward, you came."

From the prologue this story sucks you in. Fast forward to chapter one and we find Bella and Alice are new college students at Northwestern, standing in line for their housing assignments. Bella is a voice major, and Alice in fashion. After getting their housing worked out, they go around campus trying to find certain things for a game called Icebreaker. Bella wanders around trying to find people to sign her paper. She gets frustrated and wanders over to the music room where she meets an interesting person.

Edward got this contemplative look on his face. "Hey, is Bella short for anything?"

"Yeah, Isabella. Why?"

"Baby, sign your name right here and give me that paper in your hand." I looked at him, confused. "Edward Cullen, twelve letters. Isabella Swan, also twelve letters. Looks like we just needed to find each other."

Alice drags her away from her new found friend to go and see their suite. You will never guess who she finds there. After settling in to her new dorm suite and making a few new friends and perhaps some enemies Bella starts her college experience. Going to classes and spending time with the people she enjoys most.

He took my hands in his, looking deeply into my eyes. "Bella, you are so incredible. Please, please tell me you feel the same way. Please tell me you need me like I need you." He looked so vulnerable, standing there in front of me and laying all his feelings out for me to see.

I couldn't say anything. I was stunned. Never did I expect to hear those words from his mouth.

After a few chapters I am hooked. I want to know what happens. The author seems to write her characters without effort. They just seem to flow together and mesh so well. You feel like you are experiencing whatever they may be doing with them. I suggest you read this story as soon as you can get to it, to see their love blossom as sweetly as it is right now.

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