Completed Fic of the Week: 11/8-11/14

November 09, 2010

One for the Money by dqwhit19
Reviewed by maxandmo

Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: Bella Swan is a quiet high school English teacher. Edward Cullen is a rich doctor. What happens when he unknowingly bids on her at Alice's bachelorette auction? AH/AU

Okay, so I feel like I could totally hang out with the author of this fic. She writes such a cute story and really makes you feel like you actually know the characters.

The story begins with an insecure Bella, reluctantly agreeing to partake in a hospital auction at the request of her friend, Alice. She is sure that no one will bid on her, and then is surprised when someone pays $5,000 for a date with her.

That someone happens to be a certain Dr. Cullen. After an incredible date, where confident alter-ego Isabella takes charge, the good Dr. is left wanting more.


Last night was truly the most wonderful night of my life. I hope you felt even one-sixth of what I felt, but I won't kid myself into thinking I gave you an ounce of what you gave me. You gave me confidence and the gift of yourself, for which I'll be eternally grateful.

Please don't try to find me. In the garbled words of Humphrey Bogart, "We'll always have… the auction."

Your Isabella

Alice plays a role in helping Bella feel pretty by pulling her makeover and shopping spree stunts. She was Bella's college roommate, and is Edward's sister. Her character is the textbook definition of a friend. She's encouraging, meddling, and has Bella's back.

Bella convinces herself that Edward is too good for her, and decides that their date will be a one time thing. Imagine her surprise when they meet again in a familiar setting. Bella, the high school English teacher, struggles with her self esteem and tries her best to overcome her feelings of inadequacy, as far as Dr. Edward Cullen is concerned. This proves difficult seeing as his family's social status rivals that of the Hilton's. Throw in the creepy and annoying Denali family, to include ex-girlfriend Tanya, and author dqwhit19 keeps you reading.

Edward's character is so sweet. He actually prefers Bella the way she is, and not necessarily the way Alice makes her. It just takes some convincing on his part, that she is perfect.

"Bella came out of her room and nearly stole my breath. She looked incredibly beautiful, with her brown hair shining in waves and a pretty red dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. Her makeup was simple, but I liked her that way. It pleased me all the more that she'd gotten herself ready, instead of Alice. I liked Bella just the way she was, and my sister tended to go overboard."

The lemons are hot, passionate,! It's such a welcome change to see Bella take charge in the bedroom. The chemistry between the characters is amazing, and you can definitely feel them falling in love.

"I want you, now," she growled, and began pulling at my slacks.

We ditched our clothes in a blur, each of us sighing as new skin was revealed on the other. The next thing I knew, she was sliding down onto my rock hard dick, and I groaned loudly.

The story is a quick and easy read that concludes exactly when it should, not dragging on. It ends showing that Isabella Swan is definitely One for the Money.

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