Brand New Fic of the Week: 11/8-11/14

November 10, 2010

Love is the End by phoebes.promise

Rating: M
Genre: Drama/Romance
Characters: Edward/Bella

Summary: If he had only spoken the right words at the right time she would be his forever. Instead, they ache, love and long for each other in silence. A bittersweet love story desperately searching for a happily ever after. E/B, AH, M.

We all love the Twilight Saga because of its classic re-telling of tragic, star-crossed lovers. We all fall head over heels for Edward’s devotion and chivalry. And as fans of the series, we can totally relate to Bella’s romantic and idealistic inner dialogue. I think I may have found a fic that has brought that breathtaking, ill-fated love to a whole ‘nother level. If I could describe this story in one word, it would definitely be SWOON!

Phoebes.promise’s tale, Love is the End, is an artfully told tale of a human Bella and Edward, long-time best friends who happen to be married to other people. Bella is married to Sam, who is for some reason not yet revealed, in a wheelchair. Edward is married to Southern pageant princess and local news anchor, Lauren, who is as self-absorbed as always.

Like forbidden lovers of Bronte and Austen, Edward and Bella steal away secret moments, professing their love to each other behind closed doors. The story is told in Edward’s point of a view. The author doesn’t use a lot of words, but every word she uses seems deliberate and thought-out. There’s no excess, she painstakingly chooses the best word to put you right in Edward’s head. The way Phoebes.promise describes Edward’s feelings of being in a dead-end marriage ring true--

“Wednesday.” I repeated and silently processed its meaning. The therapist’s suggestion for a passionless marriage; pick a specific day of the week and make each other orgasm.

The story is only two updates long and already this talented author puts us right in the middle of an emotional hurricane that envelopes Bella and Edward. When they are together, their love, desire and need for each other is desperate and honest. You feel their yearning for a different life, one where they can be together. To love each other openly. But sadly, it’s not the case yet and who knows if it will be--

“You look beautiful," I whispered moving flush against her, while she stood at the window. Her silent response was the knowing smile that comforted my dreams when I was far away. As she took the wine glass from my hand for her own sip, I moved her long hair behind her shoulder.

Now, if that doesn’t make you swoon from pent-up UST-y bliss, than cold blood must run in your veins. I need a fan and some smelling salts, please! I love that Bella takes a sip of his wine, she doesn’t ask, she just acts. To me this little moment, seems so intimate and means so much. It’s the only way they can share, be in each other’s space----DOUBLE SWOON!

What’s even more provocative, is that Bella and Edward have always loved each other. So, why did they marry other people?

"It was supposed to be us…" Bella whimpered against my lips.

"I know, baby. I know."

So, why wasn’t it them? What happened? Why can’t they have they love they want?

I’m already rooting for these tragic lovers, hoping they’ll get theirs in the end. Phoebes.promise has painted an intricate web of how real and messy love and relationships can be. I just hope that love really is the end.

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