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February 06, 2012

All That Remains by The Edwardians
Review by Mama_Doofas

Rating: M
Genre: Angst/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: He had it all; perfect wife, beautiful children and a job he loved. Until she walked into his life and turned it upside down. When the dust settles after fate is through with them, who will be left standing?

Back when this story first came out, I kept hearing that it was a Cheaterward fic...so...I'll be honest, I stayed away from it. Then it came up as the next one needing to be reviewed, and because of its “reputation” I wasn't sure if I wanted to read it. But, for some reason, it kept taunting me, saying “read me” (yes...I know...I'm crazy, fics talk to me, ok?!...lol) So, I gave in and said I would do it.

Best...decision...I...made! No joke!

This fic is nothing like what you think it is. It's well written, and truly sucked me in right from the beginning. Edward marries his high school sweetheart, Angela. They both had plans, they wanted to go to college and become doctors, the whole nine yards. So to Edward, it just made sense. They wanted the same things in life and he was sure that he loved Angela enough. He decided he wanted to get into pediatrics; Angela went into the research field. Right around their last few months of schooling, Angela finds out that she's pregnant with twins. They get married, have the twins and to make sure that the twins don't interfere with Angela's time consuming carrier, they decide to hire an au pair (a nanny of sorts). That's where Bella comes in. Angela does a phone interview, likes what she hears and loves her application so much that she decides that she wants to hire Bella. So, Bella moves from Canada to Chicago and becomes their au pair. The first time Edward and Bella meet, is a day that changes all their lives forever.

Here is a bit of what you are missing...

"See anything you like?" the saleslady asked me. 

"Oh, thanks but I was just looking." I answered her. 

She took out the ring I had been looking at and put it in front of me. How do they always know what you are looking at, I wondered. "Try it on," she said. 

"Really, no thank you, I was just looking. It is very pretty though thanks." I told her. 

"Try it on," Edward said over my right shoulder. He startled me. I hadn't realized that he had followed me around the store. 

"No, no, I was just looking…" I tried to explain. "Just try it on. You don't have to buy it." He said. 

So I put it on. It fit my first finger perfectly and looked really nice. "It is really pretty," I told the saleslady. "Thanks for letting me try it on." 

"My pleasure," she said. As she stood in front of me I heard someone call our number for the wrapped package. Edward said he would go get it and I stood where I was with the twins. 

"You two look very much in love," the saleslady said, "you can always tell by the way two people look at each other and the way that man looks at you…well, you are one lucky lady." She finished. 

Say what? I was shocked. "Oh no, we aren't…" 

"Excuse me Miss…may I see this watch please?" a customer yelled at her. 

"Oh excuse me Miss. Have a pleasant holiday." She said as she walked away. 

I stood there absolutely dumbfounded. Edward looked at me like he was in love? I looked at him like I was in love? Dear Lord, is that what I looked like every time I looked at him? If that was the case then everyone must know how I feel about him. Oh my God, I think I am going to hyperventilate. Shit. Right in the middle of the store. This cannot be happening. Everyone must know about how I feel and I thought I was doing such a great job of hiding it. 

This story is so beyond what I thought it really was. I'm actually still kicking myself in the ass for not starting this story sooner...lol. So...take my advice and go check out All That Remains ASAP!


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