New Fic of the Week: 2/20/12

February 22, 2012

Cutlass by Tkegl
Review by Maxandmo

Rating: M
Genre: Adventure/Romance
Characters: Edward & Bella

Summary: Isabella Swan is certain notorious pirate, Edward Cullen, murdered her father and stole his prized cutlass. Out for revenge, she sneaks onto his ship, but Captain Cullen claims she has the wrong man. A tale of the search for truth…and treasure of course. 
Edward Cullen, or One Eyed Eddie as some dare to call him, is the captain of a pirate ship called the Black Arrow. He has one eye and a scar from his temple to his chin from an injury that nearly claimed his life. Emmett, Mike, and Crowley are quickly introduced, along with a slight boy named Smith who acts as the Captain's cabin boy. Jasper appears as Cullen's most trusted shipmate and second-in-command.

The men knew not their destination, save Jasper Whitlock, the captain's second-in-command and most trusted confidant. 

Only trusted confidant, to put a finer point on it. Edward Cullen shared neither his thoughts nor his faith easily, but over the years, he had grown to rely on his first mate and indeed trust him with his life. 

This story is three chapters in and author TKegl plans to update weekly. It is being written in third person, and she's doing an excellent job at making the reader connect with the characters.

When the story starts off plans are being made with his crew to overtake a ship called the Enchanted Lady. Cullen is a ruthless pirate, and it is clear that he is in charge.

There are some surprises in store, and though I won't ruin them, I'll just say that Bella's character is out for vengeance. She believes that Cullen is responsible for her father's death, even more so when she finds Charlie's sword in his cabin. She's feisty and won't go down without a fight. It's obvious that she's going to give Cullen a run for his money...or should I say booty?

Seizing the moment, Isabella lifted the heavy paperweight and with all her strength slammed it into Cullen's temple. His eye widened in surprise as his grip on her tightened painfully. She lifted her hand to strike again, but Edward crumpled to the floor. Isabella stood over him, her heart racing wildly as she tried desperately to breathe. 

In just three chapters, this fic is action packed. Though ruthless, you can tell that there's more to Captain Cullen than meets his one eye;)


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